Chili Cookoff Results

Well, better late than never, I say.
Your humble servant had an attack of the lazies and has neglected to write an article about the Chili Cokoff until now.
Here goes…
On September 26 Eric Moreau hosted the PG Annual Chili Competition and Big Brew. Eric and his loyal fellow brewer Chris “Cosmo” Briles brewed 10 gallons of Saison. with help from about 20 drinkers/observers.
We had 6 chili entries and the results were close for the Grand Prize winning Best Chili. After a tiebreaker vote, Club Master Chef, Ian Fraser, was once again crowned, “Master of Chili”. The prize was a bottle of Deus which,
being pre-chilled, was graqciously shared by all.
Current PG Treasurer, Peggy Robinson, won a Malheur Brut for making the “Most Unique” chili.
In addition to all the above, Tom Rierson made a tortilla and salsa verde side dish, worthy of the great chili being eaten. Eric’s mom made cupcakes, and we ate like piggies.
To all those who weren’t there, be sure to come next year. To those who weren’t successful in dethroning Ian, Including me, better luck next time.
Michael Steinberg, PG Activities Director