April Prezadent’s Mess(age)

April Prezadent’s Mess(age)

Michael Steinberg

At this writing, Daylight Saving has begun, giving us all more time to brew. Spring is nigh, and PG has had a very successful Monster Brew at the Tustin Brewery, thanks to Jon and Jason. As the year progresses, we have a number of exciting events coming up.  So, here goes:

Some of you may have heard that St. Patrick’s Day will be held on the same day as our monthly Pacific Gravity meeting Thursday, March 17. As in the past, I’ll be cooking up a Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner which will be served starting at 6:30 (donation to help defray the cost are welcome). The Styles of the Month are Stouts (duh!), and Bocks (March AHA Club Only Competition style). If you have a Stout, bring it to share. Bottles or kegs are equally appreciated. Bocks brought for the AHA COC will be judged on site. Winner goes to the AHA COC, all fees paid for by Pacific Gravity.

On March 26 we’ll be going on our first O.C. Road Trip, thanks to the efforts of Road Trip Coordinator, Kurt Periolat. TAPS Fishouse and Brewery, and The Bruery will welcome us and our friends for a day of eating and drinking a number of their award winning beers. There are still a few seats available on the bus if you want to go. Price is $20, a small price to pay in order to avoid a DUI. See Kurt’s articles for details.

A few members have reported that  there’s a new saloon on the Westside, Steingarten. Located at 10543 Pico Blvd, in the Rancho Park area, Steingarten  boasts 20 taps, and a variety of sausage, as well as other bar food. We’ll be going there on April 1st for First Friday. See the Activities article for additional information.

Last, but not least, the Southern California Homebrew Festival will be held on Saturday, April 30. The camping gang will be headed up to Ojai on Friday (4/29), for a weekend of fun, frolic, drinking, and for some, debauchery.  There is room for a total of 40-45 people, so make you reservations soon, before all the slots are taken. This event is a MUST, if you enjoy camping, food and beer. Read Vic Macias’ articles for info, or talk to him at the March meeting if you have questions.  Cost is $25/person if you bring your own food, or $50, if you want 4 meals. Look for more details from Vic, as they develop. 

March is Annual Dues month, so don’t forget to ante up the $30 for your membership. All club events are supported by you, and we need members to pay their dues in a timely fashion, in order to keep putting on events. Treasurer, Craig Corley will gladly accept your payments at the March Meeting.

Lastly, if you have any suggestions, questions, or gripes, please feel free to send an E-mail to the appropriate Board Member. We need feedback in order to keep things moving forward.

Have a beery April. See you all real soon.