Club Meeting June 16th

This Thursday is the June Club meeting, featuring Lagers. As
always, the meeting will take place at Culver City Homebrew Supply, running
from 7:30-10pm.

I’ll be at the AHA Conference in San Diego, so will be
missing this month’s meeting. Veep Reed Wilson will be taking over for me and making
the announcements.  Our Activities Directors,
Audrey and Mimi will supply the snacks, and urge you to go on the Stuffed
Sandwich Road Trip, brew beer for the Summer Party, and volunteer to help out
at club events.

Fundraiser Terry Molloy will sell a lot of raffle tickets, I
hope, and give away some great prizes.

Don’t forget to bring beer to the meeting (favorite lager
wins a $25 gift certificate), even if it is not in the monthly style. If you’re
a new brewer, bring samples for our club experts and judges to taste and give
you feedback.  Most importantly, enjoy yourself.