President’s Message

By now, the PG Summer Party has ended, Dean’s house has been cleansed of our presence, and we’re on to other events. I’d like to thank Dean, his gracious wife, Chiara, and the Dynamic Duo of Laura and Peter Sussman, for once again allowing us to throw our summer shindig at their house. Dean and the family are now off to Italy for the next year, where Dean intends to single handedly fix what’s wrong with their government, eliminate the last vestiges of the Mafia, and ride in the Giro d’Italia next year. We all wish them well while on the Sussman Family Adventure, and hope they stay long enough for at least some of us to fly over and freeload off of them.

It’s mid-summer, and the dog days are back in some parts of the country, but not on the West Side, home of Pacific Gravity. The weather is perfect for brewing those beers in time for the Pacific Brewers Cup and the Holidays. How about a Double IPA, and a Second Runnings Pale Ale? More bang for your buck, and you may win a ribbon on September 24th.

The Summer Party was a grand success, and August is packed with beer related club events. First Friday will be at Brewster’s Pool Bar at the Sheraton 4 Points. Mead Day is coming up, hosted by Dan Hakes, and the Annual Chili Cookoff and Club Brew is on August 27th.

Of course, we have our August Club Meeting at CCHBS on the 18th. Styles are Fruit Beers, Ciders/Perries and Meads. If you don’t have any of those libations to bring, then bring something else you’d like to share. For details on any of the above events, please consult the Club Calendar, as well as the Activities, and Competitions Corner articles.

On another note, a few smart PG members have reminded me to mention that we will be holding our Club Elections in November.

We need nominees for the following positions, President, Vice President, and Treasurer. I will not be running for President next year because I will be retiring from the workforce, selling my house, and taking off for parts unknown in the land cruiser. In order to not leave the club in a lurch, it is better if I don’t continue serving the club as an officer. From my experience working with many of you, I know that we have many members who are more than capable of becoming club officers. Infusion of new blood into the management ranks is good for the club, and keeps the club moving forward. Please consider stepping up to the plate, and joining the ranks of those of us who have served Pacific Gravity for the last 16 years. If you have questions do not hesitate to contact me, Reed, Craig, Carl, Audrey, Mimi, or any of the other Board members.

photo credit: Luis Di Stefano