The Pacific Brewers Cup is now in the history books, and I’d like to extend my congratulations to all the participants and ribbon winners. I’d also like to extend a special thank you to Competition Coordinator, Carl Townsend. Carl performed yeoman’s work this year, keeping the crew on track, and making sure that the PBC was a successful event. We had a great crew working with Carl, including Head Judge- Jeff Koehler, Cellarmaster-Tim Bardet, Database Coordinator- Terry Molloy, and Head Steward- Peigi Robinson. Activities Directors Audrey and Mimi worked hard to put food and coffee on the table, and unsung heroes Neil Saund and Tom Rierson worked all weekend helping with transportation and setup. Dave Stickel handled the Website, and Tomm Carroll and I gathered sponsors for the event.

Elections Are Coming!
As is tradition, at the October 20th meeting the membership of the Pacific Gravity Homebrew Club will nominate candidates for Club Officer positions, as well as Club Member of the Year. The elected offices are President, Vice President, and Treasurer. Anyone who is interested in performing much needed service to the club is urged to run for office. I have served for one year, and will be unable to run again, so the field is clear for a new PG President. If you think you are up to the job, and want to find out more about what the President does, just ask any of the current Board members.
Pacific Gravity Club Member of the Year recognizes the individual who has performed work for the club above and beyond that asked or expected of all club members. This is the most prestigious award that club members can grant to one of our own. The nominees don’t have to be great brewers, or sit on the PG Board of Directors. The criteria for nomination is being present, taking part in activities, helping out when needed, and generally helping to make Pacific Gravity a great club, one we can all feel proud to be members of.
As in past years, nominations will be made by voice, taking place during after announcements are made. Nominees must be members in good standing, meaning they must have paid their dues in full by the time the meeting commences. All nominations are seconded by a club member.
This year we will do something we have not done before. Anyone who nominates a candidate for one of the Board positions, or Member of the Year, will be asked to write a short paragraph stating why (s)he has nominated that person. The statement should be no more than 1 paragraph long. All of the paragraphs will appear in the November newsletter, and be available prior to the actual election.
The reason for having nomination statements available to the voters is to allow everyone to know what makes each nominee deserving of the Board position, or Member of the Year award. Many of our new members may not know who the “unsung heroes” are; those quiet people who, year in and year out, work hard to keep the club vital.
Please come to the October meeting in order to take part, and have your voice heard.

Michael Steinberg