If you are one of the few who haven’t heard the good news, just look at the title of this article.  For the first time since 2006 we have been named  by a panel of judges at the Anchor Brewing as the 2011 California Homebrew Club of the Year.

For those who have joined PG since 2006, here’s what it takes to win:

First, have a dynamic club that has many diverse events, such as Club Brews, Road Trips, Competitions, and parties.

Second, have some of the hardest working members in the state, making sure that the events are successful.

Third, have members who brew on a regular basis, enter competitions, and take home ribbons.

Fourth, submit a really good presentation, and make sure it gets delivered with plenty of time to spare.

That being said, I’d like to thank Dave and Beth Mauceli for putting together the PowerPoint presentation which was sent to Anchor. Dave wrote the text, and Beth did the graphics. Kudos to you both. You two could be pros if you really tried hard.

Thanks to all those who entered competitions this year, and took home the ribbons which kept us in contention for the award. Stalwart brewers such as Carl, Craig, Neil, and many others, helped to make 2011 a banner year for P.G.

It must be noted that all those members on the Board of Directors, whether they be full or part timers, put in a lot of work in 2011. Kurt has planned and executed some fine Road Trips (are you going North on 11/12?).

Activities Directors, Audrey and Mimi have made sure that our monthly club meetings, Summer Party, and other happenings have been successes.

The generosity of other members also added to our success as a club. Included in that group are Neil, Dean,  Dan, and Carl, who have allowed us to use their homes for events.

Special Projects, led by Tom Rierson and Carl made improvements in the CDS, another accomplishment we were able to brag about.

We should all be proud to be members of Pacific Gravity, and hoist one tonight to honor ourselves.

Finally, for those who are unaware of when the Club of the Year Award  is given, it is on President’s Day Weekend, at Anchor Brewery. In past years, the good employees of that most famous brewery prepare a barbecue for the winning club, and open the taps in the tasting room. We will likely be renting a bus, and making hotel reservations for those who are going. So, save your money and be sure to attend.