Big Brew on May 26, 2012

Bring out your kettles and burners and join us for a Big Brew on Saturday May 26th at the home of our Competition Coordinator and Brewmaster, Carl Townsend.  This will be a perfect opportunity to whip up something for the Summer Party.

Carl will be unveiling his brand new brew stand and bolting on the amazing thermosiphon reboiler.  The old brew standWe will demonstrate the mashing technique on the all grain system and we’re also looking for a member interested in doing a partial mash to help demonstrate that process as well. There is room for other brewers too, just make sure to bring your own equipment and supplies. Filtered water will be available.

We’ll fire up the barbeque for some light snacks.  Side dishes or dessert would be most welcome to round out the offerings.

BEER: Is always welcome.  Carl will bring out the Wave of Beer so we have unlimited space for your kegs.  As always, we’ll have plenty of ice to chill your bottled homebrew, commercial beers and anything else you’d like to share.

Please contact Carl ([email protected]) so we know how many people to plan for.   Especially let him know if you plan to brew.

TIME: All-grain brews will begin at 10am.  If you are doing partial-mash or extracts, you can go for a later start time.

LOCATION: 3621 Redwood Ave, L.A. 90066. It’s just a few blocks west of Beethoven, north of Venice.