Competition Corner – June 2012

June represents a slow spell for the competition season, except for those lucky enough to place in the AHA Finals competition.  Judging will be this Thursday at the AHA conference in Seattle.  Keep your finger crossed for the following first round winners:

Chris Simental, 1st  for Oktoberfest,  2nd for English Mild and 3rd for ESB.

Brian Holter & Kingsley Toby, 1st for American Pale Ale and 3rd for Spice Ale.

Kristofor Barnes & John Rockwell, 3rd for Roggenbier

Craig Corley, 3rd for Oktoberfest

We also have the winners from the Maltose Falcons Mayfaire Competition.  Congratulations to the following winners:

Chris Simental, 1st  for Bohemian Pilsner and 3rd for American Pale Ale.

Timothy Golden  1st for Witbier

Kristofor Barnes & John Rockwell, 1st for Saison

Ryan Truax & Constance Marshall 2nd for American Pale Ale

Craig Corley, 2nd for Altbier

Finally on the results side of things, congratulations to Rives Borland for his winning Scottish ale which moved on in the Scottish and Irish Red Club-Only judging.   With these recent ribbons, Chris Simental takes the lead in the 2012 Brewer of the Year race.

Looking ahead, the next Club-Only competition is for Porter, BJCP category 12.  Because of the Summer Party schedule, note the special due date of Friday, July 13th at the Culver City shop.  If you have any one of these (or more than one) bring three 12 oz. bottles to the meeting and make sure you let Carl know they are here.  If possible, please also fill out an entry form, which you can download from  The club picks up the entry fee, so it is free to you.  If your entry is selected, we’ll ship off the two remaining bottles to the national judging site.  If you lose, you can take back the two extra bottles.  Or if you prefer, you can pop them open to console your losses.

Still a bit up in the air is the due date for the Los Angeles County Fair.  Information ought to show up soon at .

And don’t forget to get those brew kettles going now Pacific Brewer’s Cup in September and the California Homebrew competition in October.

2012 Brewer of the Year Competition Schedule

July 13th COC  –         Porter BJCP,  Cat #12

July ?? Los Angeles County Fair

September 20th  COC – Light Hybrid BJCP, Cat #6

September       Pacific Brewers Cup

October           California State Homebrew Competition

October  COC– Old Ale BJCP,  Cat #19

Brewer of the Year point totals as of June 15th

Brewer Points Ribbons
Chris Simental



Kristofor Barnes & John Rockwell



Timothy Golden



Toby Kinsley & Brian Holter



Craig Corley



Ryan Truax & Constance Marshall



Luke McGuir



Matt Timmers



Rives Borland