Big Brew/Jockey Box Day/Chili Cook-off Saturday Oct 20th

Join us the Saturday, October 20th for the combined Jockey Box/Chili Cook-off and Big Brew Day, at Carl Townsend’s house.

We have a busy schedule of events, so come by early and spend the day.  First on the schedule is flame-on for the all-grain brewers.  We’ll get going around 10:00 AM.  Extract brewers can stop by a bit later.  We still have a bit more room for brewing, so if you want to bring your kettles come on by.  This is an excellent time to get your Holiday beer going, if you haven’t already brewed it.

Next up is the jockey box build.  See my Brewmaster article for all the details of this event.  We still have a bunch of tubing available, so if you are on the fence for this one, feel free to jump in.  We might run out of other supplies, but at least you can bend your tubing and make up a parts list, which you can pick up at the Culver City shop later on.  Remember to bring your cooler.

And, don’t forget the chili cook-off.  We’ll have a competition for the best chili and the most unique chili.  Prizes, fame and glory will be awarded!  Please bring your entry with a crock pot.  I’ll have power to plug it in, but I don’t have facilities to heat up all the entries.   We’ll plan on serving chili around 1:00 p.m.  The club will provide some sides like rice, onions and cheese and cornbread.  But hey, we could use a few desserts or chips if anyone wants to chip in.

Eating chili and building jockey boxes is thirsty work; so of course, we’ll need some beer to go with the day.  I’ll haul out the Wave and/or the expansion modules as needed to hook up your beer.  Or, if you get your jockey box finished, you can test it out!

Carl’s house is at 3621 Redwood in the Mar Vista part of Los Angeles, 90066.  If you are brewing or building a jockey box and haven’t let me know already, please drop me a line at [email protected]  I’ll be available for drop-offs on Friday the 19th if you want to set up your equipment early.