Holiday Party – Call for food and volunteers

Hi Pacific Graviteers!

Our annual holiday party is this Saturday and we need your help to make it a success!  The party is being graciously hosted by Dean Sussman (address below).  We will get started at 5 PM and are schedule to complete the festivities at 10.  Members in good standing are invited and may bring a guest.  We’re all adults, so use you judgement when inviting people.

Chez Sussman
1310 Amalfi Drive
Pacific Palisades
Saturday Dec 1st @ 5:00 pm

Bring Food!

This is a potluck party, so we are depending on YOU to bring your favorite holiday dish to share.  Please know that there will be no cooking or prep area, so bring your offering ready to eat and hot (if appropriate) in a disposable container (every supermarket sells tons of different sized disposable aluminum pans).  If you must bring it in non-disposable dish, please be prepared to take that dish home with you at the end of the party.  We already have several volunteers to bring fried turkey, smoked pork, ham, and carbonade, but we need help rounding out our main courses.  Bring sides or holiday staples like stuffing, mashed potatoes, yams, creamed corn, veggies, and salads.  Bring appetizers and finger food like shrimp, pig in a blanket, egg rolls, stuffed mushrooms.  Bring you family recipe or holiday traditions.  There will be no “service” but dinner should commence by 6:30.  Please email with the dish you would like to bring so I can make a label for your food.

Bring Yourself!

We need volunteers to help pull off a 150+ person party!  Out of respect for Dean and his family’s schedule we are trying to minimize the setup and take down duration and so setup must begin on Saturday at 11 AM.  If you can volunteer for setup duty, please email and we will see you Saturday morning.  If you can’t be there to setup, please come to help with the cleanup.  We need to start cleanup at 9 AM on Sunday morning in order to be finished by noon.  Again, email to volunteer.

Bring Stuff!

We are renting some things, but we need the membership to help with much needed equipment.  Please email if you can bring any of the items listed below to the party:

  • Easy Ups (in case of inclimate weather)
  • Patio Heaters
  • Jockey Boxes
  • CO2 Tanks
  • serving tables

We already have things for the raffle, but if you have lightly used equipment, glassware, or other schwag to donate, please contact

Bring Beer!

As I said yesterday, please have your kegs to the shop by 7 PM on Friday so that we can transport them to Dean’s and setup the Club Dispensing System.  Please email Carl at with your beer’s name, style, ABV, and keg volume so that he can make labels. Feel free to bring home brew or special commercial beers in bottles to share with other guests as well.