AHA NHC Registraion Website is messed up, but check back frequently

As a result of demand overload that was all too predictable, the registration servers for the AHA NHC are all messed up.  Registration has been halted, but I suspect is will go quick once things are back up and running.   If I can trust a broken serve, the San Diego region is already sold out.  Some of the others still have room.   Here are the links once it is back up:

Site 1: Seattle, WA   658 entries, as of about 3:45 today
Site 2: Pleasanton, CA 755 entries, full
Site 3: San Diego, CA 821 full
Site 4: Denver, CO 768, full
Site 5: Tulsa, OK 396
Site 6: Kansas City, MO 406
Site 7: Saint Paul, MN 561
Site 8: Milwaukee, WI 561
Site 9: Atlanta, GA 768 full
Site 10: Zanesville, OH 945 full
Site 11: New York City, NY 938 full

Carl Townsend