Competition Corner – March 2013

Well, after talking to some of you after the AHA National Homebrew Competition registration fiasco, I know that at least some of you got registrations confirmed.  Now is the time to get your physical entries ready to go.   You can drop them off assuming they are going to San Diego, by Monday March 18th at the Culver City shop.    If you are entering bottles to any other location (which several people did last year), you must ship them off yourself.   Peter Moran has graciously volunteered to drive to San Diego, but alas, not all the way to Zanesville Ohio.  Remember that this year you need TWO bottles for each entry.   Please check the AHA website for due dates at other regions.

Coming up in April are two more events.  First up is the annual Mayfaire competition hosted by the Maltose Falcons. On line registration will be available March 30th and your entries must be received no later than April 18th.  Also sign up for judging on Sat, April 27th.    Details can be found at .  The Falcons promise that the registration site will not collapse under a barrage of users.  This competition uses the Maltose Falcons guidelines, so check the style listings before entering.   We might also do a preliminary judging round on the Westside, so check back here for details.

Also coming up in April is the next Club-only competition.  The April selection is all extract beers.   Entries must be brewed with at least 50% extract.  All styles are eligible.   Bring your entries to the April 18th meeting.  Please fill out the entry form here:   The club picks up the entry fee for this competition, so there is no cost to you.    All entries must have the official rubber band label, which you can down load here:  If you can’t make it to the April meeting, drop your beers off at the shop and drop me a line at [email protected].

Closely behind the April events is the California State Fair competition.  Registration is due by May 3rd, with bottles due at the Culver City shop in mid May.   Check back here next month with more details.

Like in past years, we have tried to align the monthly club styles with the COC competitions.  An updated schedule can be found at:  All styles are welcome at any club meeting.  However, the best beer in the listed styles is eligible for the best beer of the evening award, which comes with a $25 gift certificate to Culver City Home Brewing Supply Co.  We are also looking for folks to lead the monthly style tasting for the club meetings.  If you are interested, drop Dean Sussman a line at [email protected].

2013 Brewer of the Year Competition Schedule

March 18th – AHA Nationals Entries due at the Culver City shop for San Diego only.
April 18th –       Mayfaire
April 18th –      COC  Extract Beers(All BJCP Cats)
May 3rd            California State Fair
July                  Los Angeles County Fair
July/August COC – Style TBD
September       Pacific Brewers Cup
September COC – Amber lagers, BJCP Cat 3
October           California State Homebrew Competition
October  COC– Style TBD