Smog City Monster Brew Update!


Small update.  As of this morning we still have a number of spots open for the Monster Brew this Saturday.  If you haven’t signed up yet for your wort, please email to sign up so you can reserve your spot.  We opened up the monster brew to other homebrew clubs in the area this morning to make sure we go through all of the wort – so I am sure spots will fill up fast so get your reservations in asap!

The rest of the information pertaining to this event can be found by clicking on this link – CLICK!  You can also review Carl’s recipe specific post on what the recipe is going to be along with suggestions on how to modify your wort HERE.

Here is a copy of the recipe:

  • Kolsch Malt – 550lbs – (67%)
  • German Pilsner – 220lbs – (27%)
  • Wheat Malt – 55lbs – (7%)
  • Summit – 32oz – (FWH)
  • Tettnang – 50oz – (15 min)
  • Hallertau – 48oz – (Flame Out)
  • Target OG – 1.052
  • Target SRM – 4
  • Target IBU – 25

The recipe that we are brewing is really the perfect canvas for a monster brew – I really cant wait to see what everyone comes up with individually.

Just a reminder about fermenting vessels.  At the Congregation monster brew last year we had a difficult time filling all better bottle (or other plastic type carboy’s with small openings) carboys due to the small opening at the top.  We are dealing with a large volume of wort along with hoses that are larger than typical homebrewing hoses which adds to the difficulty.  To avoid problems like we experienced last time we are not allowing skinny neck containers – please only bring fermenters that have large openings like plastic buckets or cornelius kegs.  Absolultely NO GLASS is allowed.

There will be breakfast provided by Smog City and the Serendoggity Hot Dog cart will be there around 11am.

Thank you again to Smog City for hosting this event, its going to be an amazing event.  Get your reservations for wort in!