Cask Competition – Winner Announced!

Hey everyone-RCP_LAAW Cask-018

Not to get lost in the shuffle of what has been a busy week so far, we wanted to announce the winner of our first collaborative cask competition with LA Ale Works.  We received a lot of really awesome submissions, which I passed along to the LA Ale Works team of Kip & John.  I removed the names from each submission to keep the results anonymous.  John and Kip told me that there were a lot of really awesome ideas on the submission list but eventually they were able to come to a consensus on the winning entry, which is:

Toby Sandland

Toby’s winning submission had the following ingredients which will be added to LA Ale Works Saison:

  • Priming Sugar: Coconut Sugar (Thai)
  • Special Ingredient #1: Lemon Grass
  • Special Ingredient #2: Kaffir Lime Leaf
  • Special Ingredient #3: Ginger
  • Targeted Pouring Location: City Tavern in Culver City

Congratulations Toby!  That sounds like it will be an awesome addition of ingredients to a Saison.

Toby, Kip should be reaching out to you shortly to coordinate when you guys can get together to make the cask.  I hope everyone enjoyed getting to be a part of the submission process and thank you to everyone who submitted entries.  Many of you submitted more than one entry which I think is an awesome way to enter into this competition – the more entries the merrier.

Once the LA Ale Works guys can organize up an event to pour the cask at I will be sure to post it on here so that we can get as many members together to try Toby & LA Aleworks Cask.


Brian Holter