Tomorow – 20th Anniversary Club Meeting


Tomorrow is the big day!  Many of us will be at Tomm & Danise’s place tonight to setup – if you can make it we would love to see  you.  The more people we get to help us setup and cleanup the day after the better.

I just want to remind everyone that just like our other meetings we should all be extremely appreciative that Tomm and Danise have opened up their home for us to celebrate 20 years of an awesome homebrew club.  With that, I want to remind you all  to be respectful of their house while you are there.  We have rented a porta potty outside which is reserved for men/boys.  Women/Girls may use the indoor restroom.  Other than that we ask that you please keep the party outside where there will be plenty of beer and food!

I strongly suggest you secure some type of ride to and from the event so that you do not get behind the wheel after you have had too many beers.  A taxi far, uber fare or favor is far less costly than what can happen if you drive when you shouldnt.

That said – I look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow and hope you all have a blast (and bring your beer!!)