Last Day’s to Email us and let us know how your helping out for the Summer Party!!!

Please email us if your planning on helping out in any way for the Summer Party this weekend. Your emails let us know what we can plan for to make sure we fulfill our party needs.
Please email us ASAP!!!

Bringing Beer and or a Non-Alcoholic Fruit Drink? Let Carl know asap to make you a tag(s) and so we have enough taps to serve it with. email Competitions at Pacific Gravity dot com

-We need your Beer Gear to help serve all these drinks too. Please volunteer: Jockey Boxes,  Co2 set ups, Party tubs, and ice. email Competitions at Pacific Gravity dot com

We Need more food. Yeah Ian’s cooking, but we also run on your dishes too! Mediterranean Style or other Dishes and Deserts, Let us know. email  summer party at pacific gravity dot com
(Mediterranean food ideas: Hummus, Tabouli, Falafel, Cucumber Salad, Baked Feta, and any style along the Mediterranean Sea really! all dishes, apps, and deserts welcome.)

-We need stuff too. Please Volunteer your: 6′ folding tables, Pop-Ups, Coolers, Party Lights, AC power extensions and power strips. email  summer party at pacific gravity dot com

-No better way to get all your stuff to us then Volunteering for Set-up Friday night 6pm and Saturday morning 10am. As well as Brake-down Sunday morning 10am. We need your help and you need to drop off your gear and kegs. So email us and let us know you are coming by, what days, and what your bringing if any. Also Friday night set up is like a mini bottle share and Sunday Break down you can claim the left overs! email  summer party at pacific gravity dot com

-Also if anyone has any raffle Donations let us know so we can plan to have them raffled off at the Summer Party! email  summer party at pacific gravity dot com

Note: There will be limited power on site, so please bring your dishes pre cooked and ready to eat. There is no access to the house at all. There is no freezer space either. There might be some coolers with ice, but better plan ahead and bring your own.

Also Label everything you bring with your name if you want to get it back!!! and this is a “Bring Your Own Folding Chair” event.

-There will be a $10 charge for all guest at the door, current members are free and everyone will get a door prize ticket to win some great beers and stuff during the day. As well there will be Pacific Gravity merchandise and raffle tickets for sale at the front gate too, with some special discounts! The Raffle tickets will be $1 each and I can tell you now we are giving away some cools stuff!! Like a Burner and Mash Tun, 5 lb Co2 tank and regulator, a Big Mouth fermenter, a bottle capper/corker, gift certificates and more, just to name a few so far!

-Also remember to bring Charitable Donations too for! Just like the Winter Party and May club meeting. I will be posting another reminder with all the charity info later this week.

Thanks and can’t wait to Party with everyone this weekend!