Charity event Recaps, the past few months!

So in the last few months Pacific Gravity did some great stuff for charity and the organization. Not just giving and donating clothes and other goods, but actual physical human time by volunteering for events to put smiles on community members/clients of OPCC faces and then to help OPCC celebrate while raising money for their organization and new merger with the Lamp Community of LA.

First off back in August, you might of saw the Facebook post about our first physical event we worked up as an introduction to volunteering and organizing charity events where we would go as a club to help out in our community with our friends from OPCC. Members of the board organized a Yogurt Parfait dessert surveying for a dinner service at one of the Santa Monica community centers ran by OPCC. PG club members and board members signed up and had a super fun time putting some grateful smiles on the OPCC client faces. The clients being the members of the community in need of help, where OPCC helps them not only survive, but thrive and get their lives back on a functional track with food services, counseling, over night shelter, and much much more.  Here’s a photo of all of us form Pacific Gravity and OPCC having a wonderful time helping out. It was super easy and a truly great experience, I encourage all member to help out next time we organize another volunteer event.











Then just recently called on us Pacific Gravity for our help in getting PG member to volunteer for their “OPCC and Lamp Community 6th Annual Fall Affair” event. Here they would be raising all sorts of money for the organizations and announcing their big merger combining the two largest charitable community organizations together into one to be named “The Peoples Concern”.

Thank you to all the Pacific Gravity members that came out to help, it was a great event, full of celebrities and very charitable members of our communities. The newly named “The Peoples Concern” raised over $80,000 that night while we watched and help take donations over a very cool donation app texted to peoples phones and on the iPads we where carring around. We helped out with the silent auction as well where people where donating for some great gifts, we helped on the registration table, the painting sales, and even the initial set up! It was amazing to be a part of something like that and watch all the action go down. Here are some more pictures of Pacific Gravity members helping out at the Fall Fair event.

Fall Fair_1 Fall Fair_2 Fall Fair_3 Fall Fair_4 Fall Fair_5 Fall Fair_6 Fall Fair_7 Fall Fair_8


















OPCC Fair sign







Again I encourage all PG members to help volunteer and donate to our events as much as you can. Our next donations opportunity will be at out Winter Party coming up sometime in early December. We hope to make it the biggest donation collection yet!!