Countdown to Party!

Hey PG

Michael here, I hope this message reaches you well and I hope your spring brew sessions are paying off big! We have definitely had plenty of beer drinking weather, and finally the good sun has landed on the weekends for once. I put a Belgian Saison in the fermenter (at 75F) just this past Saturday and I’m already planning my next warm fermented beer.

In just a few days now, we’re meeting at Dean’s place for our annual Summer party. There will be plenty of food and home brewed beer, lots of fun people, and we’ll have our door prize raffle as always.

I want to make sure everyone who can make it comes out and if you’ve never been to a PG event before, it’s a great one to start with. Members enter free and non-members pay just TEN BUCKS each for free reign on food and access to a wide range of unique and delicious home brewed beer, cider, and mead.

Pick your preference of Uber, Lyft, or carpool. Dean’s house really isn’t difficult or far to get to and from the Culver City area and I don’t remember much traffic in previous years.

As usual, we need help from members to make this event a success.

First, if you’re bringing a beverage to put on tap with us, be it a keg of beer or soda; Reply back to this email and let us know what you’re bringing. Carl will make a tag for the tap handle and everyone will know who made it and what it is.

Next up, we need help most on Friday night starting around 6pm and Sunday morning starting around 10am for setup and clean up. It’s a fun way to give back and usually involves a beer or two and some creative thinking. Please, please, please, if you volunteer just one hour – Make it at either Friday’s setup or Sunday’s cleanup. We need the help.

Chef Ian may tap you on the shoulder for help too, there will be plenty to do around the BBQ.

We need some items too, if you can bring an item or two from this list we would be much better off.

Folding tables
Folding chairs
Popup tents
Bottled water
FOOD and BEER! (our theme is Tropical but bring whatever!)

Finally, here’s a quick list of things I recommend bringing for you and your guests.

Sunscreen and/or a hat
Picnic blanket or a chair
Towel and bathing suit (the pool is open)

Okay, I intended for this to be a quick one but I’m too excited for Saturday. Don’t be surprised if you hear from me again before the week is up. 🙂

See you Saturday at two pm!


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