California State Homebrew Competition Drop-off Info

The deadline the California State Homebrew Competition is rapidly approaching.  This is the final competition for the 2018 Pacific Gravity Brewer of the Year Award.

Thanks to an offer to drive from Michael Ritchie, we will have personalized hand delivery of our entries San Francisco.   You can drop off your beers at one of two places:

  1. Bring them by my place (3621 Redwood Ave, LA 90066) no later than this Thursday evening, Oct 4th.
  2. Bring them to our First Friday gathering at Phantom Carriage this Friday, October 5th. Phantom Carriage is at 18525 South Main Street, Carson, California 90248.

Registration is open at .  If you miss the Friday deadline, you can still get your beers in if you ship them to San Francisco by October 11th.  Please note the shipping address has changed.  The new address is:

Colin Smith National Park Service
333 Bush St, Suite 500 San Francisco CA 94104

The competition uses the 2015 BJCP Style Guides.  Entry fee is $10.  Each entry will consist of three (3) 12 ounce capped bottles that are void of all identifying information, including labels and embossing. Printed caps are allowed, but must be blacked out completely. Entries in other bottles sizes (ie 16 oz, 22 oz) will be disqualified.

As this post goes to press, we are eagerly awaiting the results of the 2018 Pacific Brewers Cup.  Strand Brewers put on a good competition, this year hosted at Ximix Craft Exploration Company.    Results will be published soon at   This is a large competition is hosted on a rotating basis between Pacific Gravity, Strand Brewers and Long Beach Homebrewers.  PG will host the competition again in 2020.