Foam on the brain from the President

by Ian Fraser

Happy New Year!

We are starting out a new year with some changes to the P.G. Board.  I would like to thank our outgoing officers, Eli Barone and Terry Malloy for their work on behalf of the club; and welcome in the new board:

Ian Fraser – President
Parker Waechter – Vice-President
Derek Marshall – Secretary/Communications
Craig Corley – Treasurer
Carl – Competition Coordinator
Brian Watson – IT
Dean Sussman – Activity Director

This year is Pacific Gravity’s 25th Anniversary Year and we are planning some fun events and trips to commemorate this milestone!

February is the actual anniversary month and we hope to make that particular meeting memorable!

We are planning a 25th anniversary bottle share on Saturday, February 15 at The 4th Horseman in Long Beach…any of you who went last year will know that Martin pulls out some crazy beers for this event.

We also plan to do an actual 25th anniversary party at Tomm Carroll’s TruxStop Bar and Grill much like the 20th anniversary we held there 5 years ago!  The date of this event is not settled but most likely will not be in February or March.  April has been suggested.

For March’s First Friday (on Saturday March 7, 2020) we are planning to arrange a bus trip to the Stuffed Sandwich, Marlene has promised to put together something special for us to celebrate our year.

The LABBC will be held in March also, so get brewing and enter that competition!

There will be much more big brews, pub crawls, and road trips!  So stay tuned to the social media pages and email notifications!