25th Anniversary Bottle Share

Greetings! February is the Pacific Gravity’s 25 Anniversary month and we are setting up many events to celebrate with you! Last Friday we hit Jon Porter’s new tap room, Smog City West.  We had a great turn out and Porter himself was there but NOT WORKING and he got to hang out with the gang, pour some samples of his sour projects, proved he is smoother then I am throwing a ring on a hook and generally had a good time!  If you missed it, you missed a great event!  We even set the date for our upcoming monster brew!

Next up we are planning a ‘25th Anniversary Bottle Share’ on Saturday, February 15 at the 4th Horseman in Long Beach…any of you who went last year will know that Martin pulls out some crazy beers for this event.  We will get started at 2 PM. 4th Horseman:  121 W 4th St Long Beach, CA 90802

This event is to celebrate the bottle shares of old, bring a bottle or two from your beer stash to share with the group!  Please limit yourself to only bring 2 750’s of beer to share to avoid having a ton of undrunk beer at the end of the event.  Any beer not poured will be confiscated and served at the 25th anniversary club meeting at Neil’s party duplex on Feb. 20th, 2020.

Our 25th Anniversary Club meeting is on 2/20/2020 at Neil Saund’s Party Duplex.  It is located at 12966 Rubens Ave. Los Angeles, CA (At Alla Road).  This will be a big one!  Take Friday off!  We will have food, we will have beer!  You will want to be there! For March’s First Friday (on Saturday March 7, 2020) we are planning to arrange a bus trip to the Stuffed Sandwich, Marlene has promised to put together something special for us to celebrate our year.  Details on this are being worked out as we speak…but mark the date!

The LABBC will be held in March also, so get brewing and enter that competition! As I stated above we set the date for the Smog City monster brew, it will be on March 28, 2020 at Smog City, stay tuned for updates on this as well!  There will be much more big brews, pub crawls, and road trips!  So stay tuned to the social media pages and email notifications!




Ian President