Homebrew Fest Details – Sign Up Now

We are less than two weeks away from the 2022 Southern California Homebrew Festival, which will be back live in person after a two-year hiatus due to COVID.  If you haven’t ever attended, this is a three-day camping and beer-drinking fest, with all the other clubs in the Southern California region. It will be held at Vail Lake KOA Resort, just outside Temecula, California.  If you haven’t already signed up, here is what you need to do no later than April 27th.

  • Join the California Homebrewers Association at https://www.calhomebrewers.org/ .  Cost is $10. You must do this before purchasing fest admission.
  • Purchase the Fest Admission from CHA. Cost is $60.
  • Contact Terry Molloy at [email protected] and let him know you will be attending.  If you want to reserve an RV space, the cost is $130 (We have 1 left).  If you just want a space for a tent, the cost is $30.  Car pooling is recommended; there is an added fee for additional vehicles. Alternately, if you are not into the camping thing, you can book a hotel room in Temecula, in which case you are on your own.  You can get a shuttle pass from CHA, but check the hours carefully.
  • Contact Carl if you have kegs to serve at the fest, so we know how many taps to have on hand. Email him at  [email protected] .

So, what goes on at the festival?  Check out the complete rundown here: https://www.calhomebrewers.org/2022-schf-info/

Here are the main schedule details:
Friday, April 29th:

  • Check-in at Vail Lake after 1pm.
  • Bring your driver’s license as ID for check-in at the campground gate and at the fest site.
  • We are camping in “The Oaks” section, sites #174-186, along with club members from West Adams and Strand Homebrew Clubs. Here is a map:
    https://koa.com/campgrounds/temecula/map/  Tents will go in spaces 179, 180, 182 and 183.  We will set up a fire ring in site 181.
  • We set up the Wave of Beer at our fest booth Friday afternoon (near the swimming pools on the map). Please plan on helping set things up.
  • Craft Beer tasting 6:00PM to 9:00PM. Check in.  You will be issued a taster glass and a wrist band.  (Do not lose either of these; you will need them Saturday.)

Saturday, April 30th:

  • 9:30 AM: Ice pick-up for the booths and final booth setup.
  • 11:00 AM: Check in and Start of Festival.  You will be issued a taster glass and a wrist band if you did not pick them up Friday night.  Do not lose either of these.
  • Select an hour to serve beer from our booth. There will be a sign-up sheet at the bar.
  • Noon – 9:00PM: Raffle prizes, technical brewing talks, live music, and lots of beer drinking.
  • 9:00PM: Fest Ends

Sunday, May 1:

  • 8:00AM Fest Booth Teardown.  Please plan on helping load up the truck.
  • 11:00AM Break camp and return to LA.

Stuff to bring for the PG Campsite:

  • EZ-Up
  • Outdoor lights
  • Extension cords
  • Firewood
  • BEER!

Stuff to Bring  (Personal items):

  • drinking water, Gatorade
  • Food (Evening meals and breakfasts)
    Note that this year we have NO GROUP FOOD PLAN, though feel free to bring food to share.
    Some food vendors will be operating at the Fest site Saturday during the fest hours only.
  • a chair
  • a tent and rain fly
  • sleeping bag/pad
  • aspirin/tylenol, etc.
  • sunscreen
  • flashlight/lantern

Helpful hints:

  • Check the weather before leaving home
  • Cell phone coverage is spotty.  Let loved one know you may be out of contact.
  • Pace yourselves – it’s a long day. Drink lots of water.
  • Eat lunch at the Fest.
  • Be responsible! You represent Pacific Gravity.
  • Fest Rules (PG Booth):
    • All members should sign up for serving shift.
    • No self serving – all pours must be by servers on duty.
    • Repeat: NO SELF SERVING
    • No serving of obviously intoxicated attendees.

Other Upcoming Events

Thursday, April 21:  Club Meeting at Tortugo Brewery

Friday, April 22:  Deadline for Mayfaire Homebrew Competition. Sign up at http://competitions.maltosefalcons.com/2022Mayfaire

May 7:  First Friday at Upshift Brewing, El Segundo

May 28:  Monster Brew at Smog City Brewing Co.

May 24 – June 3:  Shipping Window for AHA National Homebrew Competition