Chili Cookoff Results

Well, better late than never, I say.
Your humble servant had an attack of the lazies and has neglected to write an article about the Chili Cokoff until now.
Here goes…
On September 26 Eric Moreau hosted the PG Annual Chili Competition and Big Brew. Eric and his loyal fellow brewer Chris “Cosmo” Briles brewed 10 gallons of Saison. with help from about 20 drinkers/observers.
We had 6 chili entries and the results were close for the Grand Prize winning Best Chili. After a tiebreaker vote, Club Master Chef, Ian Fraser, was once again crowned, “Master of Chili”. The prize was a bottle of Deus which,
being pre-chilled, was graqciously shared by all.
Current PG Treasurer, Peggy Robinson, won a Malheur Brut for making the “Most Unique” chili.
In addition to all the above, Tom Rierson made a tortilla and salsa verde side dish, worthy of the great chili being eaten. Eric’s mom made cupcakes, and we ate like piggies.
To all those who weren’t there, be sure to come next year. To those who weren’t successful in dethroning Ian, Including me, better luck next time.
Michael Steinberg, PG Activities Director

November 2009 Club Events

  • Thursday, November 19, 2009 – November Club Meeting @ Culver City Home Brewing Supply
    • Style: Porters & Brown Ales – keg volunteers welcome
    • Elections for Board & Member of Year
    • AHA Club Only Competition – Belgian Strong Ales (cat 18)
    • Contact [email protected] for more info

Online and subscribe-able club calendar available at:

For more info on upcoming events, check for related articles herein or contact [email protected]

He’s Alive!


This just in! Photographic evidence that in contrast to popular belief;  Pacific Gravity member formerly known as Martin Svab is in fact still alive and well!
See it to believe it:

October 2009 Club Meeting

The October club meeting will be on Thursday, October 15th from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. at Culver City Home Brewing Supply. We’ll be featuring All Lagers as our style of the month and as always; we’ll have some homebrewed examples on tap to complement our monthly commercial style tasting (volunteer kegs are welcome).  Carl Townsend will be guiding us on a tour of Lagers for our style tasting.  Please remember to bring some of your homebrew to share with us.  While you’re at it, bring some of your friends and maybe some new members.  As always we’ll be giving away lots of club swag and beer/brewing related goodies (donations welcome) in our monthly raffle.

The October meeting marks the beginning of our annual election season.  We’ll be accepting nominations for the elected positions of the 2010 Club Board (President, Vice President and Treasurer) with the election to be held at our November meeting.  The remaining board positions are appointed and we’ll be recruiting club members to fill those positions as well.  We’ll also be accepting nominations for the 2009 Club Member of the Year award, which recognizes and honors significant contributions and involvement by club members.  Elections for this prestigious award will also be held at the November meeting with the winner being announced at our annual Holiday Party in December.

We’re planning on having the new club tee shirts with our new club logo on hand and will be selling them for $15 each.  If you pre-ordered a shirt we’ll have yours set aside for you to pick up and if not, we’ll have extras available, but you’ll probably want to pick one up before we run out of your favorite size/style.

With several club events upcoming, including the Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day and Holiday Party, we’ll have a number of sign ups and details to finalize.  Of course we’ll also have the latest info on all upcoming club events, plan on joining us…

2010 Club Board Elections

Fall is here and its time for our annual elections for the Club’s Board of Directors.  We’ll be accepting nominations for the 2010 Club Board at the October club meeting and will hold an election at our November club meeting. Club President, Craig Corley has decided its time to take a break from running the club, so we’ll be selecting his replacement.  And depending on his replacement (we have a few who have expressed interest), we’ll have a couple of other positions to fill as well.  The rest of the current club board members have expressed an interest in serving for another year.

Beyond the open board position(s) we need to fill, we’re always looking for new members to get involved.  To make it easy for club members to get involved, we have part-time positions as well as the full-time positions. The full time board includes the elected officers (President, Vice President and Treasurer) and the appointed officers (Competition Coordinator and Activities Director).  The part time positions include the Webmaster, Publisher, Club Chef, Fund Raiser, Ladies Events Coordinator, Road Trip Coordinator, Style Tasting Coordinator, So. Cal Home Brew Festival Coordinator and more.  The part time positions tend to focus on one event or task and do not require regular attendance at the board meetings. We’ll even tailor part time positions to utilize the skills set of anyone who volunteers.  If you’re interested in the joining the club board, contact Craig Corley at [email protected].

California State Homebrew Competition Entries Due Oct 11

Entries for California State Homebrew Competition will be due at the Culver City Homebrew Supply Company shop on October 11th.   Since there is no local pick-up for this competition, you must have all your entries packaged up for shipping by UPS.  This means plenty of bubble wrap and strong cardboard boxes.  Wine boxes work well, since the extra space allows plenty of padding for your 12 ounce bottles.  Entries that are not packed for shipping will not be sent.  The club will pick up the cost of shipping, but you are on your own for entry fees.  Forms and all the rules can be found at  Note that the categories have a rather unique structure, so don’t try to make them fit the BJCP styleguide.  This is the final open competition for both Pacific Gravity’s Brewer of the Year Award and the California State Brewclub of the Year Award, so give it your best shot.

In addition we still have one remaining Club-Only Competition, this time for Belgian Strong Ales, BJCP Category 18.  We will judge these at the November Club meeting on November 19th.   Please bring 3 bottles for each entry, and please fill out the entry forms which you can download from the AHA website at:  The club picks up the entry fees and shipping for this one, so it is free to you.

Results of Pacific Brewer’s Cup have been announced.  Our very own Ian Fraser picked up Best of Show for his Humulus Bruin Brown Ale.  Way to go Ian!  We had a total of nine entrants scoring 15 ribbons.  See all the winners below.  Strand Brewers will be holding their awards ceremony at their club meeting October 14th at Naja’s Place, 154 International Boardwalk in Redondo Beach.  All entrants are welcome to attend.

Get those brewkettles going and don’t stop until the 2009 Brewer of the Year has been announced.  If you need still more competitions, you can find the whole list at

Pacific Brewers Cup Results:

Best of Show
Ian Fraser Humulus Bruin Brown Ale
HM Bardet/Beron/Townsend Strong Scotch Ale
1st Chris Simental Munich Helles
2nd Chris Simental Extra Special/Strong Bitter
2nd Craig Corley Oktoberfest/Marzen
2nd Fraser/Bardet Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced Beer
1st Ian Fraser American Brown Ale
2nd Jeff Koehler Flanders Red Ale
2nd Jeff Koehler Cyser (Apple Melomel)
3rd Jeff Koehler Other Fruit Melomel
HM Jeff Koehler Brown Porter
3rd Peggy Robinson Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced Beer
1st Pete Morris Vienna Lager
1st Pete Morris Robust Porter
3rd Ray Powell Standard/Ordinary Bitter
HM Ray Powell Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced Beer

Brewer of the Year Point Tally as of Oct 4th:

Chris Simental



Craig Corley



Jeff Koehler



Carl Townsend



Neil Saund



Jon Porter



Pete Morris



Ian Fraser



Zach Bradshaw



Eric Moreau, Christopher Briles, Scott Stonberg



Joseph Nascenzi/Enegren/Enegren



Jason Levin



Peggy Robinson






Dave Lasdon



Ray Powell



Thomas Lee Bakofsky



October 2009 Club Events

Online and subscribe-able club calendar available at:

For more info on upcoming events, check for related articles herein or contact Presiden[email protected]

New Members Lead the Charge for PG’s Trip to Stone Fest: A Road Trip Report

Call it “Pacific Gravity Road Trip: The Next Generation.”

Most of the homebrew club’s old-timers, longtime members and veteran drunks, for one rea$on or another, sat out the annual bus trip down to Stone Brewing’s (13th) Anniversary Celebration and Invitational Beer Festival on the campus of Cal State San Marcos on Saturday, August 22. So new club members and first-time Stone Fest’ers comprised the lion’s share of the 28 of us who took the excursion. And they were not disappointed.

The bus had ample AC, a working bathroom (although its light was out during the first leg of the trip, making for some interesting maneuvers and challenges at aiming), and the good homebrew and commercial beers flowed. The weather forecast seemed a bit dodgy, and we even hit some rainy drizzle en route down.

But by the time we had checked in and were lined up waiting for the gates to open at 11:00 a.m., the clouds parted, the sun came out, and the heat came on with a vengeance. It was brutal. Many of the beer booths even had sunscreen for the thirsty throngs who arrived without protection. How bad was it? The lines for the (eventually warm) rinse water were longer than they were for many of the beer tents.

That said, the site was much less crowded than last year (the first at this location), with the beer booths more spread out and staggered into different areas. And yes, there were long lines, but they mostly moved quickly. The queues for Avery Brewing and Maui Brewing seemed always to be lengthy.

Why? Well, aside from its great Maharaja Imperial IPA and its 15th and 16th Anniversary brews, Avery also had the very limited (only 5.8 bbls made) Voltron, which also made a brief appearance at the Beachwood BBQ’s Sour Fest that same week. Voltron consisted of five sour beers, including Brabant, Port Alter Boy and Good Sally. It was extremely complex and puckery. Read more

October First Friday- 10/2

Fall is here, and so is our next First Friday. Once a year, PG Veep, Dan Hakes hosts the event, and this year is no exception.

Unlike other FF’s, beer is not for sale. It’s a BYOB night, and anything goes.

Some snacks will be served, but more are always welcome.

Dan always has great homebrew on in the Taproom, and the darts will be flying in the lushly planted back yard.

If it’s cool, the fire will be lit, as will those who show up to imbibe the Nectar of the Mash Gods.

Event commences at 7pm, ends when the last person leaves.

Dan’s address is 2379 W. 21st. Street, L.A. 90051.
Take the 10 to Arlington, go North to Washington. Right on Wash. 1 block to Cimmaron and make a right to 21 St.

Find a spot and walk less than a block to Dan’s.

If you have questions, contact me.

Mike Sautter asks this month’s question: Is it better to force carbonate a keg or add priming sugar?

This is one of those cases where you can go either way.  However, there are a couple of factors to consider before you make your decision.  You might even want to split the difference.

The big advantage of force-carbonating a beer is that it is quick.  Suppose someone calls up and asks if you can have beer ready for a big party Read more