Happy Pacific Gravity 20th Anniversary Kickoff Month!!

To kickoff our 20th anniversary, we will be posting old and possibly forgotten photos of past events / members each month starting with some from around 1999.  There are certainly more, but we’re trying to pick some of the better ones.  We wish they were a little better resolution, but after all, it was 1999!!! Hope you all enjoy and party like it’s 1999 this year to celebrate! …just don’t dress like it’s 1999, wow!

Cheers to our 20th and may we have an even better next 20 years! Read more

Holiday Party Reminder! This Saturday!

Hi All!

With the Holiday party just 2 days away we still need contributions for the party to make it a great success. The items we need are:
Jockey Boxes
Beer (of course)
And food (Turkey, Ham, Carbonade, Salad, Sides, appetizers,desserts, etc)

We will be setting up at Neil’s duplex tomorrow night at 5. Feel free to bring by item donations then or Saturday after 12.

12966 Rubens Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90066

See you all Saturday!

6dec - 7dec 66:00 pmdec 7Holiday Party6:00 pm - 12:00 am (7) Neil Saund's Duplex

Holiday Party Volunteers

Since we are on a bit more of a tight schedule this year than usual, we will need as many volunteers as soon as possible for the following:

  • THIS SUNDAY (11/23/14) CLEAN-UP AND PREP- Neil Saund’s house
    • pressure wash the sidewalks
    • clean up the inside
    • wash the windows
    • Help move stuff around where Neil needs it
    • start hanging lights on the inside and outside

All the participants will be given FREE BEER from PBC current;y being stored in Neil’s fridges

  • SETUP (Friday, 12/5/14)
    • hang any remaining lights
    • set up easy ups
    • set up tables inside for food service
    • load in the Club Dispensing System
    • Bring in kegs and jockey boxes
    • hook up all the beer
  • EVENT (Saturday, 12/6/14)
    • Assist Chef Ian with any cooking he needs help with
    • finish any remaining set up
    • Check in members and guests at gate
  • CLEAN UP (Sunday 12/7/14)
    • Tear down all the madness from the night before and clean up Neil’s house to return it to normal condition

Sign up sheets or the various tasks will be at this months meeting (Saturday, November 22nd).


Pacific Gravity Holiday Party – December 6th


Mark your calendars for Saturday December 6th, 2014 as Neil Saund has graciously let the club host the annual Pacific Gravity Holiday Party at his duplex.



We need volunteers to help pull off a 150+ person party!  We will be doing preliminary clean-up THIS Sunday (11/23/2014).  Please help us out this Sunday and any other time you can!  Help make this years holiday party better than ever by volunteering and helping things run smooth. You can find more information below:

Volunteer Now!

Bring Food!

This is a potluck party, so we are depending on YOU to bring your favorite holiday dish to share.  Please know that there will be limited cooking and prep space, so bring your dish ready to eat and hot (if appropriate) in a disposable container (Smart & Final is a great resource for this).  If you must bring it in a non-disposable dish, please be prepared to take that dish home with you at the end of the party.  We will have a food list of what we will be provided by the club by the end of the week.  Bring sides or holiday staples like stuffing, mashed potatoes, yams, creamed corn, veggies, and salads.  Bring appetizers and finger food like shrimp, pig in a blanket, egg rolls, stuffed mushrooms.  Bring you family recipe or holiday traditions.  There will be no “service” but dinner should commence by 6 PM.  Please email [email protected] with the dish you would like to bring so we can make a label for your food.

Bring Stuff!

We are renting some things, but we need the membership to help with much needed equipment.  Please email [email protected] if you can bring any of the items listed below to the party:

  • Easy Ups (in case of inclimate weather)
  • Patio Heaters
  • Jockey Boxes
  • CO2 Tanks
  • Serving tables

We already have things for the raffle, but if you have lightly used brew related schwag, please contact  [email protected]

Bring Beer!

Please email Carl at [email protected] with your beer’s name, style, ABV, and keg volume so that he can make labels. Feel free to bring home brew or special commercial beers in bottles to share with other guests as well.

If you have any questions or would like to contribute, please email the board at [email protected].

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