Competition Corner – September 2023

We are fast approaching the end of the 2023 Brewer of the Year with just two more competitions to go.

First up:  Pacific Brewers Cup, which is being run by Long Beach Homebrewers this year.

Registration is currently open at , with the deadline of September 23.  This is a full-on competition with all BJCP styles.

The dropoff location is at at Stein Fillers in Long Beach.  But, if you bring your entries to the September club meeting at Tortugo on Thursday, September 21st, I’ll hand carry them to Long Beach Friday morning.  Judging at La Jara Brewing on October 7th in Norwalk. Please sign up to judge or steward using the above link.



The the last competition of the 2023 Brewer of the Year Cycle is California Homebrew Competition.  Registration is now open at .
You must ship your entries to the bay area between September 30th and October 12th. Entries due by October 12.  Judging will be held October 28th – Nov 5th in the Bay area.

The winner of the 2023 Brewer of the Year will be announced at the Holiday Party!

Pacific Gravity Club Meeting Thursday, February 16th at Tortugo Brewery

Greetings Pacific Gravity!

Our meeting this month will take place on February 16th, 2023 at Tortugo Brewing Co, located at 916 W Hyde Park Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90302.
We will get started about 7:30 PM.

February Monthly Meeting; Thursday 2/16/2023 at 7:30 PM

Tortugo Brewing Co.
916 W. Hyde Park Blvd.
Inglewood, CA 90302
(424) 227-9963

Oi! English Beers!
Join us for the January club meeting to kick the year off right. We will discuss upcoming events, fundraisers, brewing competitions and more!

Please bring your homebrews for everyone to enjoy.
The style of the month for February is English Beers, though all styles are welcome.

We should have some Pacific Gravity branded items available for sale:

  • Taster Glasses $5
  • Lanyards (hold badge and have a ring for taster glasses) $5
  • We also have a couple of items if anyone is interested:
    Rice cooker (gargantuan size)
    Turkey Fryer

It is gratifying that we have resumed gathering in person, but as always, we encourage and expect everyone will be vigilant about their own health to ensure the groups safety! Please observe all safety precautions and stay home if you do not feel well.

We hope to see you all at our meeting!

Pacific Gravity Polo Shirts

The shirts are in! For all those who ordered Pacific Gravity polo shirts and have not picked them up, they will be available for pick up at the February meeting at Tortugo.

Competition Corner February 2023

Competition season is upon us, giving us several opportunities on top of each other.

First up, if you requested entries to the AHA National Homebrew Competition, you have up until February 12 to finalize your entry list. The physical entries will be due later in March. You can update your entries at

The entry window for America’s Finest City Competition is now open. Entries are due by February 17th at Alesmith Brewery in San Diego. Alas, we do not have a driver this year, so you are on your own to ship them. Online registration is at

Next up is our very own Los Angeles Belgian Brew Challenge. This competition focuses on the Belgian styles as defined in the 2015 BJCP guidelines. Here are the key dates:

Entry registration is open now until March 10th at
Entry drop-off runs from February 25th through March 10th. Entries can be dropped off at Tortugo Brewing Company or the local homebrew shops.
Bottle Organizing will be held at Tortugo on Saturday, March 11th. Volunteers needed!
Sign-up for judging and stewards is open until March 22nd.
Main judging will be at Tortugo on March 25th. as a Pro-Am entry in the Great American Beer Festival.

All of the above are part of the 2023 Pacific Gravity Brewer of the Year Award.

Carl Townsend
Competition Coordinator

Upcoming Styles of the Month

February – English Beers
March – Belgian Beers
April – German Beers
May – Specialty Beers
June – Pale Beers
July – Summer Party
August – Wheat Beers
September – Festbiers and Amber lagers
October – IPAs
November – Amber and Brown Beers
December – Holiday Party

Brew now for the Los Angeles Belgian Brew Challenge

After a long gap triggered by the COVID pandemic, we have resurrected the Los Angeles Belgian Brew Challenge for 2023.  This competition focuses on the Belgian styles as defined in the 2015 BJCP guidelines. This year, judging will be hosted at our home brewery, Tortugo Brewing Company on March 25.  This will give you time to brew for most of the styles.  The Best in Show entry will be brewed by Tortugo as a Pro-Am entry in the Great American Beer Festival.

Here are some of the key details for 2023:

  • Entry Registration begins on February 1st and runs through March 10th.
  • Two bottles are required for each entry with a $10 entry fee.
  • Bottle drop-off begins February 25th and runs through March 10th. Entries can be dropped off at the brewery, or the local homebrew shops.
  • Volunteers for Judges, Stewards and other assistants can sign up now. Volunteers will get the official competition tee shirt.
  • Bottle Organizing will be held at Tortugo on Saturday, March 11th.
  • Main judging Saturday, March 25th at Tortugo.

For general information about the competition, go to  In addition to the beer styles that can be entered, we will cover some sponsor highlights.

Sign-ups for Judges, Stewards and other assistants can be found at  Entry registration can be found here as well starting February 1st.

So get those brew kettles going now and good luck with your entries!
Carl Townsend
Competition Coordinator

Other Upcoming Events
January 19th 7:30 PM. January Club Meeting at Tortugo Brewing Company. Style of the month is Winter Beers.
February 1:  Entry Registration begins for LABBC
February 3 or 4th:  First Friday or Saturday TBD
February 16:  Club Meeting at Tortugo Brewing Company
February 25:  Entry Drop-off begins for LABBC
March 10:  Entry Drop-off Deadline for LABBC
March 11:  Bottle Organizing Session at Tortugo
March 25:  Main Judging Session for LABBC at Tortugo

Competition Corner August 2022 – Here Comes Pacific Brewers Cup

Call for Entries- 2022 Pacific Brewers Cup

It is my pleasure to announce this year’s Pacific Brewers Cup Homebrew Competition will be hosted by Strand Brewers Club.  This most prestigious event is hosted on a rotating basis with Pacific Gravity Homebrewers Club, Long Beach Homebrewers Club and Strand Brewers Club.

Registration for Entries for the 2022 Pacific Brewers Cup Homebrew Competition is now open at:

We are also seeking Judges, Stewards and Competition Volunteers for this event.  Registration for these positions will be available at the same website beginning August 15, two weeks from now.  2022 PBC T-shirts and other perks will be available when registering as a Judge, Steward or Competition Volunteer; please consider helping Strand Brewers Club with this event.  Breakfast snacks and lunch will be provided to all Volunteers at the Final Judging on October 15.

Final Judging for the 2022 Pacific Brewers Cup will be held on Saturday, October, 15, 2022 @ Project Barley Brewery & Pizzeria, 2308 Pacific Coast Hwy. Lomita, Ca., 90717, starting at 8:30 AM.  We are planning a morning and afternoon Judging session.

This is a BJCP and AHA-sanctioned competition.  This is also a full-category Competition based on the 2015 BJCP Guidelines, including meads and ciders.

As this Competition will be judged live and in-person and the PBC Organizing Committee cannot predict future Covid-19 activity, we are asking that all judges and stewards be fully vaccinated.  Please be advised that the PBC Planning Committee and Project Barley Brewery & Pizzeria will be doing everything possible to ensure a safe Event, in compliance with current L.A. County and BJCP/AHA recommendations.  We will also ask everyone to observe COVID protocols such as wearing a mask whenever possible and your nose is not inside a taster cup, as a courtesy and precaution.

Judges, Stewards and Competition Volunteers are invited to submit entries as well.  Due to limits on comfortable size and space, we will be limiting the competition to 300 total entries, as an added safety measure.  Registration of Entries will run from August 1 to September 25, 2022.  Please note the deadline for Competition Entries is September 25, 2022.  For more information, including conveniently located drop-off locations, as well as an Entry Mail-in Location, please refer to the above website.

Cheers & Thank You
Jeffrey Hoy, Organizer, 2022 PBC


Upcoming Events

August 15:  Registration starts for Pacific Brewers Cup
August 18:  Pacific Gravity Club Meeting at Tortugo Brewing
September 3 – 25:  Entry Drop-off Window for Pacific Brewers Cup
October 8, 15: (Maybe other dates too) Judging at Project Barley Brewery & Pizzeria

Competition Corner – March 2022

We have two competition updates that need your attention:

First up is the American Homebrewers Association National Homebrew Competition.  This is a multi-step process, and you must be an AHA member to register.  Step 1 is to enroll your desire to enter the competition, which you must do by March 29th, 3PM Mountain time.  AHA members will have been emailed a username (email address) and password to enroll in the competition, request the amount of beers they’d like to enter and pay for their entries.  If there are more requested entries that AHA can handle, they will create a wait list.  Actual entry confirmation and bottle submission will not occur until May, so you can still brew something if you intend to enter.   Note that you will need SIX bottles for each entry, so don’t overdo it.

Next up are details for the Maltose Falcons Mayfaire Competition.  Entry registration is now up and running at: The 44th Annual MaltoseFalcons Mayfaire Homebrew Competition!

Two bottles are needed for each entry, and costs just $10 per entry.  This year the Falcons have switched over the the BJCP style guidelines.  Entry deadline is April 22nd.  If you bring your entries to the Club Meeting on April 21 at Tortugo Brewery, I’ll run them up to the Valley Friday morning.

We also will try to set up a preliminary judging session on the Westside the first week of May, so drop me a line if you can do some judging.

Get those brew kettles going!

Carl Townsend
Competition Coordinator

Saturday, April 2, 2022:
NOON on Saturday
4th Horseman, 121 W. 4th St.
Long Beach, Ca. 9080

April Club Meeting:
Thursday, April 21, 2022
Tortugo Brewing Co.
916 W Hyde Park Blvd
Inglewood, CA 9030

April 29 – May 1, 2022
Southern California Homebrew Festival
Vail Lake, Temecula



Pacific Brewer Cup Winners Announced

Greetings Fellow Homebrewers:

After a year and a half of covid-related delays, we are please to announce the winners of the 2021 Pacific Brewer Cup.  Congratulation to Steven Severn of the Orange County Mash-ups for his Best of Show entry Janet’s Brown Ale, brewed as a memorial to Mike “Tasty” McDole, a renowned homebrewer who passed away just over a year ago.  Janet’s Brown Ale was itself a memorial brew first brewed by Tasty to honor the memory of his wife Janet who passed away in 2001.  Congratulations Steven, and a salute to your fallen comrades.

Our first Runner-up was a dry sparkling Cider brewed by Kyle Brawley.  Rounding out the top three was a Märzen brewed by Carl Townsend.

The Best Brewer award goes to Jon Silvertooth of Long Beach Homebrewers.  Jon had three first-place beers, and also led the charge for the Top Club award which goes to Long Beach Homebrewers.

Full result can be found at: Read more

Stewards and Judges Needed for Pacific Brewer Cup Saturday Nov 6th

The 2021 Pacific Brewers Cup will be held on Saturday, November 6, 2021 starting at 8:30 AM.  We are still short of our desired number of judges and stewards.  The registration site for Judges, Stewards and other volunteers is now up and running at .

We will be running both a morning and afternoon session.   If at all possible, please stay and do a second round.  To help me out with planning, when you register, please check your “availability” to reflect the one or both sessions if you can stay for both. We completed the bottle organizing session on the 30th with 172 entries. Entry registration is now closed.

Please note we are asking that all judges and stewards be fully vaccinated in accordance with LA County brewery patron rules.  Joe is allowing us to spread out over the entire brewery floor and will have the doors open.  We will also ask everyone to observe COVID protocols such as wearing a mask whenever you don’t have your nose inside a taster cup.

If you have never done stewarding before it is a fun and simple task.  (A more detailed write-up is found below). The main steps are as follows:

  • Your main job is to bring entries to the judging tables when asked by the judges. Do not open any bottles.  They may ask for just one entry at a time, or possibly 2 or 3 depending on the ideal serving temperature for the style. Beers will be organized by category and style.
  • Check the table supplies.  Tables should have scoresheets, cups, bottle openers, flight sheets, a dump bucket and bread.
  • After the judges finish writing scoresheets, check the math.  Then deliver the scoresheets to Tim, who will be doing data entry.
  • The judges may tell you which beers are “keepers”, or “dumpers”.  Recap the keepers.  You are free to sample the dumpers.
  • Collect discarded cups as needed.  As part of COVID protocols, do not drink out of any reused cup. Empty the dump buckets if needed.
  • After all the entries in a group have been judged, the judges may ask for the keeps to do a final taste-off.
  • After any taste-off, the judges may invite you to taste some of the keepers.
  • The lead judges at the table will then hand you the “Flight Summary Sheet”.  Verify the math on the form, and make sure the lead judge has signed it.  You can sign the steward line.  Then, hand it to Tim.

This competition is hosted on a rotating basis with Pacific Gravity Homebrewers Club, Strand Brewers and Long Beach Homebrewers.  This is a BJCP and AHA-sanctioned competition.  This is full-category competition based on the 2015 BJCP Guidelines, including meads and ciders.

Our host brewery this year is Tortugo Brewing Co, located at 916 W Hyde Park Blvd Inglewood, CA, CA 90302. Breakfast snacks and a full lunch will be provided to all volunteers.  In addition, we have a bunch of cool swag from Sierra Nevada Brewing and Wyeast, and gift certificates from Stein Fillers, Moonlight Meadery and Williams Brewing.

For more information, check out .

Friday, Nov 5th, early evening:  First Friday at the Daily Pint, 2310 PICO BLVD SANTA MONICA, CA 90405
Saturday, Nov 6th, 8:30 AM:  Pacific Brewers Cup at  Tortugo Brewing Co,  916 W Hyde Park Blvd Inglewood, CA, CA 90302
Saturday, Nov 20,  Noon: Annual Chili Cookoff, Board Elections and Member of the Year voting. At Casa Molloy, 6738 W. 87th Place Los Angeles, CA 90045

Long Instructions for Stewards:

Stewards are responsible for assisting judges during the judging process, and interfacing with the
competition staff to preserve anonymity of entries. If judges have questions or requests during
judging, handle them as best as possible including checking with the competition staff if unsure
of something. One frequent request is to check competition entries against the database to ensure
an entry is correct, and that all supplied information has been provided to the judges.
Stewards bring the beer to the table for judging. This can be done one bottle at a time, or
multiple bottles can be brought at once (this is a common occurrence when using multiple teams
on a category, or if judges think the serving temperature is too cold). Handle the judge requests
as best you can. They may also request ice if they believe the entries are too warm.
Stewards should double-check the entry numbers before presenting the beer for judging.
Announce the entry and category for the judges. Do not open the bottles unless requested. Most
judges prefer to look at the bottles and open them themselves. Remember that beer can contain
sediment, so be careful in the handling of the bottles.

Stewards should monitor the table supplies and replenish items as necessary. Remove used cups
(check with judges first before touching their cups, as judges often save favorite samples for
later). Empty dump buckets as they fill, or if an objectionable-smelling entry is dumped. Do not
remove bottle caps without checking with judges; they may be needed to identify entries.
Judges may request assistance with paperwork, usually the Flight Summary Sheet and the Cover
Sheets. Stewards who do this job for judges will be helping to speed up the competition, and
deserve the thanks of judges. Regardless of other requests, stewards should check the math on
scoresheets, and scan them for completeness and inappropriate comments.
In general while judging is active, defer to the lead judge at the table unless you are directed
against specific competition instructions. Structure your activities so that you are doing your
work while the judges are judging; this keeps things moving along. Stewards who anticipate
judge needs and who pay attention to the judging process are quite valuable to competition

If stewards are invited to taste while judges are judging, stewards should refrain from
commenting until the judges have completed their scoresheets and turned them in, unless directly
asked by a judge for an opinion. If a steward has entered the competition, the steward should not
work in categories where they have entries.

Entry Window Open for 2021 Pacific Brewers Cup

Greetings Fellow Hombrewers:

After more than a year-long hiatus, October is here and we are eager to do some homebrew judging!   The official registration page of 2021 Pacific Brewer Cup is now up and running!  Pacific Brewers Cup is run annually (usually) on a rotating basis by Long Beach Homebrewers, Strand Brewers Club and Pacific Gravity Home Brewers Club. This year, Pacific Gravity is running the competition.   The PBC is an American Homebrewers Association (AHA)-sanctioned homebrew competition and will use the 2015 beer style guidelines published by the Beer Judge Certification Program.

The main judging will be on November 6th at our host brewery, Tortugo Brewing Co. in Inglewood CA.

Entry registration runs from October 15th through October 29th. Entries may be dropped off at any of the following locations:

Tortugo Brewing Co.
916 W Hyde Park Blvd Inglewood, CA, CA 90302
(424) 227-9963

South Bay Brewing Supply Co.
1311 Post Ave Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 328.2133

Stein Fillers Fermentation Supply
4160 Norse Way, Long Beach, CA 90808
(562) 425-0588

The Home Beer, Wine And Cheesemaking Shop
(818) 884-8586

Here are the details Read more

Competition Corner – August 2021

As we work through the dog days of summer, we have just now gotten the results of the Mayfaire competition.  Congratulations go to Carl Townsend with a 3rd place for Märzen, and a 2nd place for Southern English Brown (using Dean’s virtual big brew recipe!)   And, Craig Corley got a 2nd place for Bpa #43 Belgian-Style Pale Ale.  We had a good judging session up at MacLeod Brewing Co on July 24th, though COVID limitations set this competition back by about 3 months from its normal schedule.

Next up is some just-released info on QUAFF’s America’s Finest City Beer Competition in 2021.  Usually held in February, there is a new entry deadline of August 20th at 9:00 PM.  Entries must be received by that date at Alesmith Brewing Company,  9990 AleSmith Ct, San Diego, CA 92126.  Two bottles are required per entry.  Please visit the site, and sign up at .  Quaff is also looking for judges. Judging will be at Alesmith on Friday August 27 at 6:00 PM,  and on Saturday August 28th at 9:00 AM.  The competition staff requests that all judges have proof of vaccination.

Coming up in October is the California Homebrewers Association Fall Best of Show Fall 2021.  Five styles will be judged in this competition, including
❏ 6C. Dunkles Bock
❏ 18A. Blonde Ale
❏ 22C. American Barleywine
❏ 26D. Belgian Dark Strong Ale
❏ 30A. Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer

The club is allowed to have two entries, and entrants must be a paid member of CHA.  If you have an entry, please let me know by early October.  If we have 3 or more entries, we will do a mini taste-off to select the two entries.

And don’t lose sight of the long-delayed 2020 Pacific Brewers Cup. (No, 2020 is not a type – just like the Olympics.) We have set a judging date of November 6, 2021 at Tortugo Brewery  (thanks Joe!) Details are still being worked out, and we hope that the current surge of COVID cases doesn’t mess up our plans.  But in any case, you clearly need to get some beer ready to enter, so get those brew kettles going now.

Carl Townsend
Competition Coordinator

Upcoming Events

August 19: VIRTUAL club meeting featuring Tortugo Brewing
September 3rd: First Friday at Richmond Grill (tentatively in person)
September 16th: Club meeting @ Tortugo Brewing (tentatively in person)
Summer Party – POSTPONED! Will be Oktoberfest, October 2, 2021


Competition Corner – July 2021

As we are coming out of our COVID-induced cocoons, we finally have some competitions to work on. First up is the California Homebrewers Association Fall Best of Show Competition.  Pacific Gravity is allowed to have two entries only.  Congratulations to Eric Muhlheim who has already qualified with an outstanding Schwarzier. Hence, we have just ONE more entry slot.  This is a small competition with just four more acceptable styles:

❏ 1A. American Light Lager
❏ 1C. Cream Ale
❏ 8B. Schwarzbier (This slot won by Eric!)
❏ 19B. California Common
❏ 23A. Berliner Weisse
If you have a beer to enter, please drop me a line by July 2nd. If more than one person responds, we will do a small taste-off.

Read more