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Competition Corner – July 2010

The summer months are here and if you’ve planned ahead, you have your cool weather ales in the cellar and your lagers in the fridge.  Perhaps you even have a wheat beer or a Belgian style in the fermenter. Well, get them ready, because a couple of competitions are upon us.

Competition Corner – April 2010

Here we are in the rapidly-warming month of April and we are in the thick of the homebrew competition season.  Coming up this Saturday, April 10th is the due date for Maltose Falcon’s Mayfaire competition.  We are collecting entries for this at the Culver City shop.  On-line sign up is here:    http://maltosefalcons.com/comps/2010Mayfaire Note that […]

AHA Competition Entries Due This Friday 3-26

Entries for the world’s largest homebrew competition are due by this Friday, March 26th:  the American Homebrewers Association’s National Homebrew Competition.  Entries for this event must be registered on-line at http://www.brewingcompetition.com/NHC/nhc.php .  You only need to submit one bottle per entry for this round, but if you beer advances to the finals, you need to […]

Competition Corner – March 2010

For many beer drinkers, March is associated with the consumption of mass quantities of Guinness Stout, or, all too often, fizzy yellow beer that has been colored to make it green.  For those of us in homebrew clubs, however, March is the warm-up month for homebrew competition season.

Special Vote for Brewer of the Year Rules

On Thursday, February 18th at the Club meeting, we will hold a special vote for the Brewer of the Year Rules.  The ballot language is included below.  Please review the issue now, so that you are prepared to vote. Voting at the club meeting will be conducted by written ballots at approximately 8:15 PM and […]

Competition Corner – January 2010

Ahh, the cool days of January are here and it is time to get some beer fermenting. We have a fresh slate of competitions to enter in 2010, and now is the time to prepare. First up on the docket is the Club-Only competition for English Brown Ales, BJCP Cat #11. We will judge these […]

Competition Corner – 2010 Preview

Raise your beer mug and give a toast to Chris Simental, the winner of the 2009 Pacific Gravity Homebrewer of the Year Award.  Chris was honored at the Holiday Party on December 12th and presented with an engraved trophy mug.  He was the run-away winner for the second year in a row, having garnered a […]

Beer Tasting Schedule for 2010

The beer tasting schedule for 2010 club meeting has now been released.  The list has three sets of beer to keep in mind.  The most important is the club meeting homebrew keg styles of the month.  Kegs of homebrew are the basic fuel that keeps our club meetings running, so we need several every month.  […]