March 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

PG Board Meeting March 1st, 2012

In attendance: Audrey, Craig, Carl, Victor, Terry, Dave S., Dan H.

Not in Attendance: Dave M., Kurt

Reports of Board Members & Committees

A.  By-Laws Committee: Dan Hakes

1.    Progress of draft coming along well, meeting every 2 weeks, should be on track for draft by April board meeting, then can go out to general membership for review.

2.    Split into 2 documents, general by-laws to gain legal status, next step will be completing club charter.

 B.  President: Audrey

1.    Calendar (Addendum A)

a)        4/5: April FF @ The Richmond (5pm, backroom reserved)

b)        4/21: Yeastside Brewers Pasadena Pub Crawl (4pm via metro rail, places TBA)

c)        5/4-5/6: SCHBF in Ojai

d)        5/11: May Second Friday @ Tomm Carroll’s Trux Stop

e)        5/12: Visit Eagle Rock brewery with Yeastside Brewers

f)         5/26: Spring Big Brew @ Carl’s

1.      Jockey Box Day- plan to survey membership & pre-pay for materials

g)        6/1: June FF @ Dan Hakes’ Carriage House

h)        6/9: OC Road Trip

i)          Craft Art & Folk Museum Homebrew Event- details TBA

j)          Other possibilities: City Tavern (Sat /Sun), Whole Foods El Segundo (Sun), The Overland, Daily Pint

k)        Summer Party: likely “Christmas in July” @ Neil’s

2.    Strand & Yeastside Club Coordination

a)        Spoke to Rives & Josh about collaborating: club calendars, events, & trips to help with planning, sign-ups, cost, & turn-out.

b)        Both on-board; possible multi-club brew and/or barrel project, mini-homebrew fest.

3.    Road Trips: Kurt (Addendum B)

a)        2-stop afternoon/evening trip, possibly leaving after lunch and returning at 7 or so.

b)        Yeastside & Strand may join.

4.    Merchandise

a)        COY shirts: sold 32/71 ($870 collected, cost $1,508, $592 profit if all sold, 53 to break even)

1.      Terry to add write-up to website, Audrey to include in meeting announcement & Monster Brew reminder 3/2 (FB & Yahoo)

b)        New glasses: need to order soon, looking for pricing

c)        Leashes: making more for SCHBF

d)        Michael has items to donate to fundraising- hoping to get small $ back or cert to CCHBS

1.      Terry to follow-up with Michael

5.    March Club Meeting

a)        Michael doing corned beef & cabbage – will recruit volunteers

b)        Budget: $100 or less (12CB’s, 4 bread, 6-8 cabbages, 20 potatoes)

c)        Supplies: from Neil’s, may need to purchase some

 C.Vice President: Dave

1.    New Duty: Asset Manager to coordinate with Treasurer, will continue to develop

2.    March Club Meeting

a)        Set-up for meeting & help with Michael with food set-up

b)        Style Tasting- continue recruiting volunteers

c)        Keg of the month voting

 D.Treasurer: Craig

1.    Treasury Report March 2012 (Addendum B)

a)        Current Balance: $3927.50 as of 2/29

b)        Recent Expense: Anchor Road Trip (-$800), next time have critical mass for order by New Year’s Day or do not order bus

2.    PG Annual Budget March 2012 – February 2013 (Addendum C)

a)        Based upon prior year’s income/expense, conservative, includes small storage locker

b)        Current deficit of $1,530 – need fundraisers, guest fees, trim expenses, spend surplus?

c)        Income: $8,100 (new members, dues renewals, fundraisers, other)

d)        Expenses: $10,230: (admin, supplies, awards, board, club brews, club meetings, competitions, equipment, parties, promotions, storage, road trips, website

3.    Paypal: not able to use currently, need to upgrade to business account w/new TIN, but cannot until have legal status, shut down all payments through paypal for now.

4.    Membership: 256 members (4 lifetime) as of 2/29/12

a)        New: 7 in Feb ($210), 18 in 2012 ($560), target 60 new this year

b)        Current: 163 due/past due in March 2012, 72 due in April 2012- Feb 2013

c)        Annual Dues Collection: $6,197 due from 239 members, notifications out already via email, Craig to post to website as well

1.      Dues Coupons: Terry to print out, Audrey to cut & bring to March club meeting, then leave at shop

2.      Late Fee: $5 after 60 days (by May club meeting), can renew @ Summer party but best ahead of time to help with party planning budget!

5.    Storage: Victor has quote ($97/mo, 2 keys, 4×6’, 2nd floor, 24hr access)

a)        If pay 6mo in advance, get a 5% discount on the rental – 1yr in advance, 10% off

b)        Can have club name on unit, but need responsible party (Treasurer) on account as well (ID & last 4 digits SSN)

c)        Can sign for deliveries, also have mailboxes available (special $7/mo currently)

d)        Inventory: Carl keeping CDS @ his place, plan to raffle off Club Brew system @ Summer Party (Terry to brainstorm ideas)

6.    COY Banner: Victor has quote ($65), also looking into another option (Joe Kovach), will order in time for SCHBF

 E.  Competitions: Carl

1.    Competitions March 2012 (Addendum D)

a)        COC Schedule: April: Scottish & Irish Ale, July/August: Porters, August/September: Light Hybrid, October: Old Ales

b)        Competitions: March: AHA Nationals (due @ shop by club meeting 3/15, Audrey to transport to SD), April 12th: Mayfaire (coordinate w/Falcons for pick-up date), May: CA State Fair, June: AHA Finals, July: LA County Fair, September: PBC (Strand hosting this year), October: CA State Homebrew Comp.

 F.  Communications: Victor

1.    Website Updates March 2012 (Addendum E)- Victor & Dave S.

a)        Web Hosting: Dave transferring server by April 15th, so some changes will wait until then, but plan to combine .com, .org, & emails into one location, cost estimate $150/yr

b)        Comments Section: can turn off if desired, but promotes communication & interest in site, all need to become more familiar with structure

c)        Links Page: create categories (homebrew associations, local clubs, supplies & equipment, bars, Food GPS)

d)        Club News: new tab for articles, could also call it “Press”

e)        Newsletter & Flyers: Dave to complete upload of newsletter archives in April, monthly flyers to post in blog under new category “Flyers” with hyperlinks to articles it references

f)         Member Section: discussion board primary focus (April, after server transfer), also ability to post events (RSVP & volunteer) – more of an online community

2.    Flyer: Victor creating monthly to hand out at club meetings, will also post to website

a)        Send out for review 1 week prior, corrections due Sunday before meeting

 G. SCHBF: Victor

1.    SCHBF Projected Budget 2012 (Addendum F)

a)        Sign-ups start at March club meeting – Victor to post article

b)        Kegs – Carl to oversee keg sign-ups

c)        Projected Budget: $460 – this is very conservative.  $965 available if last year’s attendance / patterns hold true.

d)        Volunteers managing 3 main meals, Friday night dinner is a potluck (some community food may be included)