Beer Needed for Holiday Party

The tree has been trimmed, the lights have been strung and the chestnuts are roasting by the open fire. But we still need beer! The Holiday Party is this Saturday December 12th at Neil’s Duplex. If you plan to bring beer, soda or other seasonally festive beverage, please drop me a line at [email protected] to let me know what you have. Some of you had listed “TBD”, so if you know what it is, please send me an update. Everyone who signs up in advance will have a colorful tap tag.

We also need jockey boxes and CO2 cylinders to help make sure all the beverages flow cold with perfect carbonation. We have more kegs than taps on the Wave, and the jockey boxes help out big time. Rumor has it we may need a few Sanke taps, so if you have one bring it along.

If at all possible, please bring your kegs and heavy stuff around noon on Saturday and help us set up. This makes the last minute activities at party time go much more smoothly. The early kegs get the best slots on the Wave. Make sure all your kegs, coolers, tanks and taps are well labeled so they all return to their rightful owners Sunday morning.

We still need help with pot-luck dishes, tables, easy-ups and other miscellaneous assistance. If you have a contribution, please contact at Mimi Bardet at [email protected].

Neil Saund’s duplex is located at: 12966 Rubens Ave. Los Angeles, CA It is the house on the SE corner of Alla Rd. and Rubens Ave.

Hope to see you there!
Carl Townsend