• Singles Membership
  • $42per year
  • Discounted home brewing supplies from
    local homebrew shops
  • Commercial and home brewed beer tastings
  • Brewing education
  • Full membership
  • Couples Membership
  • $63per year
  • Discounted home brewing supplies from
    local homebrewing shops
  • Commercial and home brewed beer tastings
  • Brewing education
  • Combined membership discount

Pacific Gravity is a home brewing club on the west side of Los Angeles, California established in 1995. Our club meetings are on the third Thursday evening of each month during which members share their home brewed beers, ciders, and meads, and we provide commercial beer tastings and other educational exercises. Annual dues are $42 per year for individuals, $63 per year for couples.

NOTE: You must be 21 years of age or older to join Pacific Gravity. We do not encourage or support underage drinking!

Pacific Gravity membership benefits include:

  • Discounts at local homebrew shops
  • Brewing Education
  • Networking with experienced local homebrewers
  • Club and Local Homebrew Competitions
  • Club Parties
  • Club-sponsored brewing sessions
  • Lots of great homebrewed beer!
  • Beer tastings of both commercial and home-brewed beers.
There are several ways you can join (or renew your annual dues).  Club Treasurer, Craig Corley will be collecting dues at the upcoming club meeting and other upcoming club events.  You can go old school and send Pacific Gravity a check to PO Box 2451, Culver City CA 90231. And for the ultimate in convenience, you can renew your dues online via the PayPal links below:

Individual Membership – Full 1-year Renewal:


Couples Membership – Full 1-year Renewal:


Along with your dues renewal, we need all members to complete a Membership Application/Liability Waiver. And in the case of couples memberships, we need this for both members.  You can fill out and submit your Membership Application/Liability Waiver at the following link: https://forms.gle/f2xCjNBAp5qoJjFK8

For any individual members who might be interested, the couples membership provides full membership status/benefits to both partners of a couple including membership cards, emails, etc. Note that the couples membership is optional, couples can continue with one partner being an individual member and the other being their guest.  It’s an additional $21 to upgrade your individual membership to a couples membership and you’ll need to include your partner’s name and email along with your payment.

Keep in mind that your dues are the primary way we fund such club activities as club parties, monthly meetings, club brews and much more.  Your paid membership also ensures that you’ll continue to receive the many club benefits available, access to various brewing activities, discounts and information.

We’re also active and available for chat on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/PacificGravity .