FINAL REMINDER: The Summer Party is this Saturday, the 21st! Are you ready?

Hello again.  I wanted to post one final reminder reiterating some important points and also introducing a couple of new topics to the mix:

  • If you haven’t already done so, please RSVP as soon as possible by replying to the separate email you should’ve already received.  You can also specify what volunteering you’d like to do, as well as noting your potluck contribution and / or the keg(s) you plan on bringing.
  • After much discussion and effort, we finally have new Pacific Gravity tasting glasses and more beer glass leashes!  The glasses are a different style / shape than we’ve had in the past, and they look great with the red and black oval PG logo.   If you’re interested in purchasing one (or more), we’ll have them on sale in a combo with a leash for $10, or you can buy them individually at $7 for a glass and $5 for a leash.  Bring cash for ease of transaction.
  • Remember also that we’ll be conducting our massive raffle for all manner of beer related prizes, such as bottles of fine ale, homebrewing equipment, and gift certificates for great local watering holes.  Raffle tickets can be purchased for $1 each.
  • We’ll be holding a silent auction for PG’s 3-tier club brewing system.  This is a “turnkey” 10-gallon system consisting of a brewstand with burners, 2 converted keg-kettles, and a “gott-style” mash tun.  You won’t need to fork over the cash on-the-spot for this; we’ll arrange for the winner of the auction to pay for and transport this large item during more sober circumstances.
  • Finally, there’s one thing that I’ve forgotten to mention along the way – take some pictures at the party!  Bring a camera and capture the moments…  I’ll collect photos from you afterwards and put together a recap / photo essay for all to enjoy.  Just don’t get all creepy with those zoom lenses, K?  You know who you are….

Alright kids – that’s all I’ve got.  I leave the rest to you.  Let’s make this year’s Summer Party one to remember!  See you all this Saturday.