LA County Fair Homebrew Competition Deadline is Thusrday, July 18th

Amongst all the preparations for the summery party, the deadline for the Los Angeles County Fair is rapidly approaching.  Your entries must be registered by midnight Thursday July 18th at the Maltose Falcons website at  . The bottles can be left at the Culver City shop and will be picked up sometime Friday the 19th.  I’d recommend getting them there no later than Thursday, since they might come early in the day.  

Entries cost $7.00 each and only 2 bottles are needed.
To enter a beer in the 2013 LA County Fair Competition Click Here!

To sign up to be a Judge or Steward at the LA County Fair Competition Click Here!   Judging will take place on Saturday, Aug 3, 2013 at 9AM at the Homebrew shop in Woodland Hills.
The style guidelines for the 2013 LACF will be the Maltose Falcons 2013 Style Guidelines which can be found at:

The official rules for the 2013 LA County Fair Homebrew competition may be found by clicking here!

Registration will close at midnight Thursday, July 18, 2013

Good Luck
Carl Townsend