Competition Corner – August 2015

2015_PBC_fb_logoThe entry deadline for the 2015 Pacific Brewers Cup is  fast approaching on September 12, at noon. On-line registration is now up and running at Hosted by the Strand Brewers Club, the competition is going to be held on Saturday, September 26, 2015, at the Four Points Sheraton LAX, 9750 Airport Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, 90045. The Strand folks helped us out big time last year, so I’d like all of you to step up and help this year.The big thing to note this year is that the competition is using the 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines. This is a MAJOR revision, so please take the time to familiarize yourself with them now. The old categories have been completely reorganized and it will take a bit of time to figure out where your favorite style is listed. What happened to English IPA? Hint: check “Pale Commonwealth Beer”. What about Imperial Stout? Try “American Porter and Stout”. And there are some new officially recognized styles such as Black IPA (and red, white, brown and rye) and old ones like Kentucky Common.

Entries can be dropped off at the Culver City Home Brewing Supply Company, or at several other locations.   Judges and stewards are urgently needed. Please register now at: Morning and afternoon judging sessions are planned in order to finish in one day. If you can’t do both, we understand, but we need as much judging help as your schedule permits. A commemorative tee shirt, light breakfast and lunch will be provided. Parking will be comped. The Strand Brewers Club is working hard to make the 2015 PBC one of the best ever. We invite you to be a part of it.

Looking back at past competition, the results of LA County Fair are now in. Congrats go especially to Brian Holter and Kingsley Toby for 3 ribbons, including two first places and a second. Congrats also to Mike Patterson, Craig Corley, Eric Moreau and Carl Townsend. Keep up the good work and let’s kick butt in Pacific Brewer Cup!

Our last competition of the year will be the California Sate Homebrew Competition. This one is used by Anchor Brewing to select the Homebrew Club of the Year Award, so please save a couple of your best entries for this one. Entry details will be posted next month.

If you are hard-core competition junkie, there are a bazillion other contests to enter. The AHA has their master list at  .

LA County Fair Results:

1st Brian Holter & Kingsley Toby Sled Dog Imperial (“Russian”) Stout
1st Brian Holter & Kingsley Toby Dogtown Golden Strong Belgian-Style Strong Golden Ale
2nd Brian Holter & Kingsley Toby 1866 English-Style Barleywine
2nd Brian Holter & Kingsley Toby Dark Horse Abbey Quadrupel (Quadruple) Ale
2nd Carl Townsend 75 Shilling Export (80/-)
2nd Craig Corley BPA #39 Belgian-Style Pale Ale
3rd Craig Corley Alt #15 Altbier
3rd Eric Moreau Rainy Day Tripel Abbey Tripel (Triple) Ale
2nd Michael Patterson Imperial (“Russian”) Stout
3rd Michael Patterson Black India Pale Ale