Rob Rubens Guest Brewer Competition

At our recent First Saturday visit to Rob Rubens, Rob brought up a new opportunity: The Rob Rubens Guest Brewer Competition. The winner will get not one, but up to three opportunities to brew on their 15 BBL system in El Segundo, to be put on sale at the Smoky Hollow tasting room.  Participants must submit recipes for each entry, along with two 12-ounce bottles.    This is an excellent opportunity if you are looking to take the step up to commercial brewing.  Commercial brewing experience is a strong plus.   See the Rob Rubens Guest Brewer Competition flyer for more details.   Entry deadline is January 16th 2018.   Submit your entries to the Rob Rubens Brewery/Distillery at 909 E. El Segundo Blvd, El Segundo CA  90245.

While I have your attention,  the entry deadline for the Doug King Memorial Competition is January 12th.  This is a limited-style competition.  Complete details can be found at