CHA Bragging Rights Only Competition

For those of you who typically go the the California Homebrew Festival, you know that they run an informal competition at the fest to decide which club makes the best beer in a narrow range of styles.   This is known as the “Bragging Rights Only Competition”.  Each club can only enter one beer.

This year, the Fest was canceled due to COVID-19.  But, they still want to run the competition.  So, we need to select a beer from the club.  Note that you can enter regardless of whether you usually go to the fest or not.

This year, the style list is a follows:

Helles (2015 4A)
Kolsch (2015 5B)
Hefeweizen (2015 10A)
Amber Lager / Marzen (2015 6A)
German Pilsner (2015 5D)
If you have a beer to enter, please let me know by Sunday, September 13th, and drop off one bottle at my place.  Since I’m not entering, I’ll select the winning entry from all the contenders.
If your entry wins, you will need to submit three more bottles to one of the drop-off sites no later than September 27th.  I’ll have an update with the available drop-off sites later on.
Good Luck!
Carl Townsend

Competition Rules:
  1. While the judging of the competition will not involve BJCP score sheets, the judges will use the BJCP style guidelines to help assess these beers.
  2. The judges will be CHA Board of Directors members.
  3. Bottle Entry:
    1. Each club can enter only 1 entry. It can be any of the five chosen styles.
    2. The entry must come in three (3) separate 12 oz bottles. No other number of bottles or sizes of bottles will be accepted. Each bottle must be free of distinguishing features. Each bottle must have a rubber-banded identification sheet (to be sent out at a later date), containing the entrant name, entrant club, and the style category chosen.
  4. Bottle Drop-Off:
    1. Drop-offs will be at multiple locations during the week of 9/21. The goal of these drop-off points is to offer refrigerated storage prior to the judging day. We will make these locations known as soon as possible (i.e. homebrew shops, breweries, etc). We will strive to make accommodations given the current circumstances.
    2. There will be no entries after Sunday, September 27th.
  5. Judging:
    1. Judging will occur in no more than three socially distanced groups (1 bottle per group), with the judges blind to the entrant being judged. The judges will know the style entered.
  6. Winners/Prizes
  1. Judging will occur the weekend of October 3/4.
  2. Winning entrants and clubs will be announced that weekend, and prizes sent out as soon as possible.