Pacific Gravity Update: October Meeting, Etc


This is no Trick, but definitely a Treat .. our next club meeting will be held at an exciting new venue: PG Member Joe Kovach’s “new” brewery, Tortugo Brewing Company. Joe has some tasty beers on tap, and has some pretty interesting plans for future beers and expansion.

We will also be finalizing the board member election slate of the 2019 P.G. Board (see below for nomination info).

When: Thursday, October 18, 2018
Where: Tortugo Brewing Company, 916 W Hyde Park Blvd, Inglewood, CA.

Hyde Park Blvd is a few blocks East of Three Weavers, and around the corner from iconic Randy’s Doughnuts. From La Cienega and Florence, go east on Florence about 1/4 mile, turning left at the first street. Go under the metro rail tracks, proceed to the big orange building on the East side of the street.

EDUCATION HIGHLIGHT: In the second of a series, Carl will be demonstrating how water chemistry affects the taste of your homebrew, and how you can fine tune your H2O to the style you are brewing.

COMMERCIAL STYLE of the MONTH:   European Pale Ales.

And whatever Joe Has On Tap.

HOMEBREW STYLE of the MONTH:   European Pale Ales, and any home-brewed IPA.


As we advised previously, Tim Bardet is retiring as Treasurer. Also, President Michael Musgrave recently started a new position that is sure to take up significant amounts of his time.

If you are keeping score, that is one firm opening (Treasurer), and a potentially provisional opening (President).

Please consider volunteering your nomination, either by emailing the board (board @ pacific gravity . com) or by voice at the October meeting. Nominations will be accepted for all elected board positions.

Voting will be held at the November meeting.


Do you think one of your fellow Pacific Gravity members has gone above and beyond helping P.G. be the great home brewers club that it is? If so, please be sure to nominate him/her at the October meeting, or by email to the board.

Voting will be held at the November meeting.


First Friday:
Friday, November 2.
Place: Yorkshire Square, 1109 Van Ness Avenue, Torrance
Time: 7’ish pm

Yorkshire Square is on Van Ness, just North of Torrance Blvd..

November Chili Cookoff / Club Meeting / ** Board Member Election **:
Date: TBD: Nov. 10 or Nov 17.
Place: TBD
Time: 12:00 Noon

As has been our practice in the past couple of years, we will combine the Chili Cookoff with the November Club Meeting. It will be on either the 2nd or 3rd Saturday of November. We haven’t worked out all the details yet – get your chili recipe ready!



First Friday:
Friday, December 7.
Place: The Doughroom, Culver City
Time: 7:30 pm


2018 Holiday Party:
Date: TBD
Place: TBD
Time: 5:00 pm

As has been our practice in the past couple of years, we will combine the Chili Cookoff with the November Club Meeting. It will be on either the 2nd or 3rd Saturday of November. We haven’t worked out all the details yet – get your chili recipe ready!

Remember: Bring some of your homebrew to the meeting and events.


See you next Thursday!


Weekly Updates: First Friday @ The Doughroom

No major updates this week.  I just hope all of you are brewing some awesome beer for all of the upcoming events!  Ive seen a few of you post pictures of your brew day’s for Bite at the Beach on various social media accounts which is really awesome to see.

First Friday @ The Doughroom

Im really excited about this month’s First Friday.  Kaveh and crew at the Doughroom are hosting April’s First Friday which we are putting together as a bottleshare:



Bring along some rare beers that you have been holding onto along with your appetite for some of the best pizzas around.

LABBC T-Shirts

We are still waiting on some logos from our sponsors before I can submit the artwork to our T-Shirt screenprinters.  As soon as we get the last few in I will place the order and have the shirts at the following meeting.



Weekly Update: Club Meeting Recap

For those of you that were unable to attend last week’s club meeting – for shame.  You missed out on some fun stuff:

Bite At the Beach

  • Spots are still available.  You still have a few weeks to brew a beer for this and participate in the event.  Shoot us an email at board [at] to signup.  If your name isnt on the list at the bottom of this post we did not receive your email (or i screwed up and forgot to notate it on my list).  Just send me a reminder and shame me for poor organization.

Firestone Walker Brew 

  • The brew day has officially been set – we are going to head up to Paso Robles and brew up a batch of beer on 10/31/2015.  The brew will be at 8:00am at the Paso Brewery and will be followed by the 19th Anniversary party that evening.
  • If you signed up at the club meeting for events – thank you.  I am using that list as a tentative head count to provide FW with an idea of how many people will be attending.  If you were not in attendance that does NOT mean that you are missing out.  It just means that my head count is missing you.  Shoot me an email  at president [at] to let me know if you will be able to attend the brew and the 19th anniversary party and if you will need a hotel room for Friday and Saturday night.
  • We are NOT chartering a bus for this trip.  Many of you have expressed interest in making the trip a full weekender and I know some of you cannot make it for more than the brew itself.  You will be responsible for getting yourself to Paso for the brew.
  • The club WILL be locking down a block of rooms in Paso at one or two hotels.
  • Most importantly – the beer.  The team at Firestone Walker has asked our club to brainstorm what our ultimate brew would be and present the ideas to their team.  After announcements this past week a few of you approached me with some ideas for the beer which are included here:
    • Come up with a list of historically important beers brewed by Pacific Gravity club members.  The idea was to build off of a recipe from one of our homebrewers that we all look forward to drinking at club meetings.  Like Carl’s harvest ale, Rives’ sour quad, Craig Corley’s Belgian (fill in the blank), etc.
    • A Belgian styled beer because FW doesnt have a huge history of brewing belgian beers and it would tie in with our Belgian Brew Challenge.
    • Anything barrel aged.  FW makes some of the best barrel aged beers – it would be cool to be a part of one.
    • Hold an in house homebrew competition (using one style) and having judges choose the best beer.


  • We wrapped up our first LABBC.  There were a total of 95 entries into the competition and the results were absolutely DOMINATED by Pacific Gravity homebrewers.  Thank you to everyone who submitted beers and helped PG have a good showing in our inaugural comp.
  • Kingsley and I won BOS – thanks to everyone who offered their congrats.
  • Scoresheets have been emailed out to all participants.  If you entered a beer and have not received an email from us email labbc [at] and we will send you a link with your entry numbers.
  • Ribbons will go out sometime soon to those of you who were not in attendance.
  • T-Shirts – We will order T-Shirts next week and should have them ready for April’s club meeting.  We had a sign up sheet at the judging day and at the club meeting.  Volunteers (staff, stewards and Judges) receive free shirts.  If you signed up for a shirt at the club meeting the price per shirt will be somewhere between $15-$20.  We will have our pay pal setup at the next club meeting for you to pay for your shirts.

April First Firday

  • Reminder that next month’s first friday is at the Doughroom in Culver City/Palms and is a bottle share.  Bring out some special beers and lets pack that place out.

Membership Renewals

  • Membership dues are due now.  Just a friendly FYI.