Annual Club Elections

Nominations were accepted at the October meeting and we’ll be holding our annual elections for the Club Board and the Club Member of the Year award at the November club meeting on Nov 19th.

The 2010 Club Board will have a slightly different look since Club President, Craig Corley has decided its time to take a break from running the club.  Drew Butler and the team of Peggy Robinson & Nathalie Caldwell were nominated to replace him as club president. Dan Hakes was re-nominated as Vice President and Craig Corley was nominated for Treasurer. The remaining board positions are appointed and will include Carl Townsend returning as Competition Coordinator, Mike Steinberg returning as Activities Director, Ian Fraser rejoining as Club Chef, Thomas Lee Bakofsky & David Stickel returning as Webmasters, Terry Malloy joining as Fund Raiser, Dean Sussman joining as Style Tasting Coordinator, Josh Jensen returning as SCHBF representative, and Tomm Carroll returning as a newsletter columnist. While this is an impressive roster of club members, we’re always looking for new faces to get involved, contact Craig Corley at [email protected] if interested.

Six club members were nominated for the 2009 Club Member of the Year award. This award recognizes and honors significant contributions and involvement by club members.  The members nominated at the October meeting include Lee Bakofsky, Craig Corley, Dan Hakes, Jon Porter, Neil Saund, and Dean Sussman.  Selection of the Club Member of the Year will be done by secret ballot and the results will be announced at our annual Holiday Party by last years winner, Larry Caldwell.