October Meeting & PBC Awards

Good evening PG members!  First Friday at Phantom Carriage was very fun and comfortable in our reserved seating made even better by our special guest, the founder of Kauai Beer Company. VP Terry and he hang out from here to Kauai and back, both are a lot of laughs.

Tomorrow night at 7:30pm we’re meeting at Culver City Homebrewing Supply for our October meeting. Lederhosen are completely optional but we will have some German food in the spirit of Octoberfest. The one and only Elijah has been collecting British Style Strong Ales all year long for his commercial tasting too, so prepare for that. As usual, we’ll be collecting pitch-in for the food so bring a little mad cash. 🙂

We’re slated to discuss some current and future events, including the fact that our annual holiday party is officially scheduled for December 9th at Neil’s duplex. That’s Saturday December 9th, 2017 at Neil’s duplex starting at 5pm. It will be a ton of fun and more info will be coming around on that topic soon.

Keep in mind that we rely wholly on volunteers to make these events successful so please take a look at your calendar and let’s discuss how we can work together to get everything done during our meet up tomorrow.

Until then, cheers!