Early Afternoon Rain Forecast

According to weather.com it should clear up before the party, but just in case, if you have an easy up to volunteer for the club, please bring it by Neil’s house tomorrow during setup.

Final Holiday Party Setup

Greetings members, we will be doing final preparation for the holiday party at Neil Saund’s duplex at 11 AM on Saturday.  We’ll be putting table cloths on tables, doing final prep in the kitchen, trimming the tree, and the like.  This is also a great time to drop off your beer as we will be setting up the CDS and other serving areas.  Finally, if you have equipment to loan for the party, please also bring it then.  See you Saturday at 11!

January 2012 President’s Message

Welcome to 2012 Pacific Gravity Members!

Hopefully your New Year has kicked off to a great start and you are looking forward to some of the many events we have begun to plan for you.

We have a new Board that you elected into office this year- myself, Audrey Hill-Lindsay as President, Dave Mauceli as Vice-President, and long-term board member Craig Corley returning as Treasurer.  We are very much looking forward to making this a great year and continuing the quality that allowed us to earn our fourth Anchor Club of the Year award in 2011.

SF Beer Week Road Trip

We will be heading up to San Francisco for beer week in mid-February and to accept our award from Anchor Brewing on the 18th.  To celebrate, Anchor will be hosting a party for us and Kurt Periolat, who is continuing on as our Road Trip Coordinator, has worked hard to arrange a bus to take us up there on Friday 2/17 and return Sunday 2/19.  He has also managed to block of a number of rooms at the Carlton Hotel at a reduced rate, which you can make reservations for directly and should do soon, as rooms are limited. For those of you interested, the cost is only $85, which you can leave in an envelope at Culver City Homebrew Supply Store or bring to our January club meeting on Thursday 1/19.  You can contact Kurt at: [email protected]

January Club Meeting: Lagers and Dark Lagers

Our January club meeting will feature Lagers as our style for the month and dark lagers for the Club-Only Competition.   Read more