Style of the Month

Below are the style of the month plans for club meetings including plans for each Best of Meeting competition.  If you would like to host a commercial tasting for any given month, contact Dean Sussman at [email protected] to volunteer.  Months that have club parties ( holiday and summer ) do not have a style of the month as there is no meeting.

2016 Champion…………………Parker W.  (3/9 wins)

2017 Champion…………………Parker W. (2/9 wins)

2022 Champion…………………You?

Month Commercial Style of the Month*** Homebrew Styles of the Month Leader of Commercial Tasting
January 2022 N/A All Styles
February 2022 N/A All Styles
March 2022 N/A All Styles
April 2022 N/A All Styles
May 2022 N/A All Styles
June 2022 N/A Pale Ale N/A
July 2022* N/A All Styles N/A
August 2022 All Styles Wits and Wheat
September 2022 India Pale Ale India Pale Ale
October 2022 Festbier and Amber Lagers Festbier and Amber Lagers
November 2022 Dark Beers Dark Beers
December 2022** N/A All Styles N/A

*The club’s summer party will be held in July 2022.  All styles welcome.  No styles of the month will be designated.

**The club’s holiday party will be held in December 2022.  All styles welcome.  No styles of the month will be designated.

***Volunteers for commercial tastings are encouraged to interpret the categories broadly.  For example, for the “Czech Lager” category, the beers need not be produced in the Czech Republic; an American-made “Czech-style pilsner” beer would be an excellent choice.  In addition, the club strongly encourages volunteers for commercial tastings to offer samples from (and support!) our local breweries.