PG Summer Party Needs Your Help!

This year’s summer party will celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Pacific Gravity and we’re ready to party like it’s 1995!!

The party is next Saturday, August 14, 2010 at Dean Sussman’s party pad located at 1310 Amalfi Dr. Pacific Palisades CA 90272.  The party starts at 2 PM and continues on into the evening.

We still need volunteers to help make this party a huge success! How can you help? Here’s a list of ways:

We need your help setting up tables, beers, tiki torches, and decorations on Friday night at 6pm. Then, we need your help taking it all back down Sunday morning. As always, those generous enough to help set up and clean up will enjoy delicious beers and those who clean up on Sunday morning will enjoy more delicious leftovers than theycan shake a stick at and plenty of “hair of the dog” to help get them going! To sign up for clean up or set up please e-mail [email protected]


Ian is our masterchef and he needs your help preparing food for everyone. To volunteer, please e-mail [email protected]  As always, this event is a potluck and we’d like to encourage you to bring dishes that fit with the theme including appetizers, desserts, and side dishes.  Last year many of you brought dishes that the party a huge success!  We hope you can repeat that effort again this year!   So far we are very light on food sign up from the members.  To sign up to bring food, email [email protected]

The food this year is going to be a delicious SoCal Taco Bar theme and there will be a salsa bar with one talented salsa chef winning 1st place for best salsa or guacamole.  We want to put name labels on your salsas so if you want to sign up to bring a salsa (or guacamole) please e-mail Ian Fraser at [email protected]

After all, isn’t that what our club is all about!? Our drink competition this year features lime, any drink alcohol, non-alcoholic, beer, or soda that features lime is eligible for our drink competition. Of course, all beers are welcome and we encourage you to drop off your keg at CCHBS by 5pm on Friday so they can be taken to the party. Please let Michael Steinberg know that you’ll be providing a beverage so that he can create a label for your drink. Email Michael at [email protected]

If you made a jockey box at our jockey box event or have a jockey box, please bring it so we can keep all these delicious beverages nice and cold!!

Of course, be sure to have your name on any equipment that you bring to the party.

Wanna spend some quality time with the new and improved CDS? Volunteer for a one hour shift pouring beers for your fellow revelers by e-mailing Michael Steinberg at [email protected]

The shave ice machine is always a big hit at the party. Sign up for a one hour shift running the machine and pouring Dan’s delicious flavored meads. It’s a great chance to take a break in the shade and work on perfecting your sno cone flavor combos! Email Nathalie Caldwell at [email protected]

Sign up for a one hour shift working at the front gate checking in members, collecting entrance fees, and selling raffle tickets. Email Craig Corley at [email protected]

We need tables and canopies. Please contact Michael Steinberg at [email protected] if you’re able to bring a table or canopy to the party.

We look forward to seeing you at party and thanks in advance for your generous volunteering!!

Party on, Pacific Gravity!