Competition Corner – December, 2010

Raise your beer mug and give a toast to Jeff Koehler, the winner of the 2010 Pacific Gravity Homebrewer of the Year Award.  Jeff was honored at the Holiday Party on December 11th and presented with an engraved trophy mug.  Jeff picked up 27 points over 13 ribbons and handily beat our previous 2-time winner Chris Simenthal.

Coinciding with the periodic Club-Only contests, we have posted the club meeting tasting and keg styles of the month.  You can link to it on the left of this page, or click here:  Every person who brings a keg that is listed in the Homebrew Styles of the Month column gets automatically entered in the best keg of the evening vote.  Winners get a gift certificate to the Culver City Home Brewing Supply Co.  Also, if you want to host the commercial style tasting session, please let Dean Sussman know at [email protected].  We plan on keeping this list updated a year in advance so you have time to brew some of the slower-aging styles.  And, if you have a recommended style for the future, let Dean know.

Looking ahead into 2011, we have a busy upcoming competition season.  In addition to the regular slate of competitions to determine the Brewer of the Year award, there are two opportunities for some local commercial glory.  Best of show winners get to have their beer brewed at local breweries.  These are the Doug King Memorial Competition run by the Maltose Falcons and Eagle Rock Brewing, and the Batch #300 contest run by the Bruery.  Details for both of these contests can be found by scrolling down below.  Both have limited categories of entry, so look over the details carefully.

Special Competitions

December 19 – Jan 9th Doug King Memorial Competition.  Entries due in Woodland Hills
January 31, 2011 –       Batch No. 300 Contest.  Entries due at the Bruery, Placentia

2011 Brewer of the Year Competition Schedule

January            COC – English Pale Ales, BJCP Cat #8
February          America’s Finest City
March                COC – Bock BJCP Category #5
April                  AHA Nationals
April                  Mayfaire
May                   California State Fair
April                 COC – Wood-Aged Beers, BJCP Cat #22c
July                   Los Angeles County Fair
August             COC – Meads, BJCP Cats 24, 25 and 26.
September     Pacific Brewers Cup
September     COC – Specialty/Experimental/Historical Beers, BJCP Cat. 23.
October          California State Homebrew Cometition
November    COC – Hefeweizen, BJCP categories 15A, 15B, 15C, and 15D.

Final Point Totals for 2010 Pacific Gravity Brewer of the Year

Brewer Points Ribbons
Jeff Koehler 27 13
Carl Townsend 19 10
Chris Simental 17 11
Neil Saund 15 6
Craig Corley 14 6
Josh Jensen 7 5
Heath Haynes 6 2
James Bardeen 6 2
Larry Caldwell 5 2
Bob Henderson 4 2
Jon Porter 4 2
Lee & Drew Bakofsky 4 2
Timothy Golden 4 2
Kristofor Barnes 3 2
Nick Springer 2 0
Greg Nylen, Dave Chapman 2 1
Dan Hakes 1 0
Audrey Hill-Lindsey 1 1
Matt Timmers 1 1
Rick Matthew 1 1

Info for the Doug King Contest

It’s that time of year again when we fondly remember our compadre Doug King. Doug was a brewer’s brewer – always there to lend a hand to the club or another brewer. He was also fond of experimentation and was well known for his crazy experiments (loafs of rye bread, potatoes, tortillas – all in the mash) and his love of lagers. He won the 1996 California State Fair for his Dougweiser.

Entries Due: December 24th – January 9th
Judging: January 22th at 10AM – Eagle Rock Brewing Company
Fee: $5 per entry

Style Guidelines: 2010 Falcons Style Guidelines

Register Your Entry

Register to Judge

This year’s competition has a few special additional rules:

  • Any and all serving vessels are accepted! Bring your beer in bottles, growlers, PET bottles with carbonator bottles, etc.
  • Entries for this competition will be accepted for any lager beer (Class 1, 2, 9, 13)
  • Entries will be accepted for Specialty Classes 24 and 25
  • Special Categories
    • The Imperial Anything Category (Class 28) – Accepting any Entries over 1.080
    • Session Ales (Class 29) – Accepting any style of beer under 4.5% ABV!
  • Any entrant can enter multiple entries into a category.(Limit 3) So if you have 3 Bock beers, feel free to enter all 3.
  • KEG Entries Preregistered online can be entered the morning of the judging prior to the start of judging.

Entries are accepted between December 24th and January 9th at the Home Beer Wine Cheesemaking Shop.

Info for the Bruery Batch 300 contest

In celebration of The Bruery’s continued growth, the incredible support from our fans across the country and our humble beginnings as homebrewers ourselves, we will be holding our third ever homebrew competition; this one set to determine our 300th batch.

The first place recipe of the competition will be brewed as our Batch No. 300 and the winner will have the opportunity to assist us in brewing the batch on our system if they so choose.  The first, second and third place winners will also get various forms of swag.

Along with the chance to have one of your very own recipes brewed and distributed, you will also be helping us raise money for those in need, as the entire $10 entry fee will be donated to Lestonnac Free Clinic, devoted to providing free, comprehensive medical care to the poorest of the poor in Orange County, CA.  Only the following BJCP categories will be accepted: 13F, 16, 17, 18, 22 & 23.  Entries are due January 31st.  See for complete details.