PG Meeting, February 17

The February PG Monthly Meeting will feature Belgian and French Ales, so eat a good dinner before arrving, in order to soak up this month’s Magic Elixer. PG Treasurer, Craig Corley, will be hosting the commercial tasting, and he’ll have some fine examples of the styles.

As usual, anyone who brings a keg of Belgian or French Style Brew will be in the running for a $25 CCHBS gift certificate if his/her beer is chosen the Best of the Night.

This month’s announcements will be made by Vice President, Reed Wilson.

Raffle Tickets can be purchased from Terry Molloy, the Raffle Guy, and Fundraiser.

We always need raffle prizes, so if you have any used equipment you want to donate, it is much appreciated. Glasses, “excess” commercial beers in the monthly style,  and gift certificates, are always appreciated.

IMPORTANT NEWS: We still have space for the upcoming Tustin Monster Brew which will be held on February 26 at the Tustin Brewery. See the postings on the PG Website for details, or speak to Reed or  PG Brewmaster, Carl Townsend,  about the details. Signup sheets will be available, but more importantly, you must pay for the wort. This can be done at the meeting by check (preferable), or cash. See Craig Corley if you are going to pay at the meeting. PayPal is also available, and a lot easier than in person for most of us. The price is $27/5 gallon pour, limit 2 pours ($54). The deadline for payment is February 24th, unless there are extenuating circumstances. The organizers DO NOT want to be scrambling to collect money at the event, if all possible.

ROAD TRIP MARCH 26: See Kurt Periolat’s article about the O.C. Road Trip to TAPS, and The Bruery.

If you have questions, talk to Kurt, or send an E-mail to him.

Lastly, don’t forget to BREW, BREW, BREW. We have a lot of events coming up this year, and will need lots of homebrew to serve (Southern California Homebrew Festival, AHA Conference in San Diego, PG Summer Party, and entries for the Pacific Brewer’s Cup, which we are hosting. Stay tuned for details on those events.

Sorry I won’t be at the February meeting, but I hope you all have a great, and sober, time.

Michael Steinberg, President