PG Election Update

Fellow members,

1. There is still time to nominate people for the following positions:
President, Vice President, and Treasurer.
So far we have only 1 candidate for each position.
President: Audrey Hill-Lindsay
Vice President-Dave Mauceli
Treasurer-Craig Corley

If you would like to run for office, just get someone to nominate you and write a short paragraph on your behalf.

2. Candidates for PG Club Member of the Year are the following:
Carl Townsend, Audrey Hill-Lindsay, Dean Sussman, Neil Saund, and Tom Rierson.
If you wish to add a nominee to the list, please send the name to me, along with a short statement of support.

Submit any nominations to [email protected]

Please submit any new names by November 11th, earlier if possible.

ELECTIONS: Will be conducted at the November 17th meeting. Ballots will be available for Club Officers, and Member of the Year. Each voter is asked to choose 2 people in the MOY (aka Club Member of the Year-CMY) election.
If you cannot come to the meeting, you may vote by E-mail until Nov. 18th.

Election results will be announced at the Holiday Party on December 10th.

Send E-mail ballots to [email protected]


Michael Steinberg, President