February First Friday – Change In Beer Lineup.

Hello again.  I just spoke to Rob at El Segundo Brewing.  He’s looking forward to meeting us and taking us around the brewery (if we’re there early enough – he needs to cut out for a family obligation).  Unfortunately, due to the very limited availability of Simcoe hops, the Blue House IPA won’t be on tap.  He told me he’s very happy with the recipe in its present form and didn’t want to try and “cheat” it with a different hop, so he’s waiting until he gets his next allocation to continue brewing it.

Instead, he hopes to premiere his Citra IPA with us – it’s actually slated for release the next day.  The W.I.P.A. Wheat IPA will also be on tap for anyone whose hop jones needs fixing, as will the Pale Ale and Double Stout.

Thanks again – hope to see you all there.

— Victor