January 2012 Club Meeting Thursday the 19th

It’s our first club meeting of the year so please come out and kick off the New Year with some great beers!

Commercial Styles of the Month:  Pilsners & Dark Lagers, which are being carefully selected by our resident Lager enthusiast Neil Saund.

Homebrew Kegs of the Month: All types of Lager beers are encouraged.  Best keg of the bunch wins a $25 gift certificate to CCHBS, which happens at each meeting, so check out the upcoming style of the month on the website and start brewing!  If you would like to bring a keg to upcoming meetings, our VP, Dave Mauceli, will have a sign-up sheet and you can always shoot him an email at: VicePresident@pacificgravity.com

COC- Dark Lagers: If you are bringing entries for the COC, you’ll need 3 bottles of your best Dark Lager.  Please see Carl’s Competition Coordinator post on the website for more info or email him at: Competitions@pacificgravity.com

COY Anchor Road Trip: If you plan to take the bus to SF, remember to bring $85 to reserve your seat (checks payable to Pacific Gravity).  We’ll also have pre-orders for our Club of the Year long-sleeve shirts for $25, so please bring your payment and decide what size you’d prefer!  See the website post for more information about the trip or email Kurt at: RoadTrips@pacificgravity.com

Club Merchandise: We have a few beer leashes ($5) and glasses ($6) left, as well as both long & short sleeve PG shirts ($15) and some Pacific Brewers Cup shirts ($20) for those of you who are interested.

Raffle: Our ever-enthusiastic Fundraiser, Terry Molloy, will be selling raffle tickets for $1 each.

For those of you who have never been to a meeting, this is a great way to meet current members, share and sample other homebrew or commercial beers & meads, and have some fun at the end of a long week!

Hope to see you all there