First Friday at the Trux Stop Tasting Room

Please join Tomm and Danise Carrol at their home on Friday, September 7th for our First Friday event this month.  Tomm will have his 4-tap kegerator stocked with commercial beers, but please bring bottles or kegs for sharing, either commercial beer or homebrew. If you do plan on bringing homebrew, be sure to bring a picnic tap, or preferably, a jockey box, and a CO2 tank if you have one.  No jockey box?  Come to our jockey box building event on October 20th! (contact [email protected] for details)

This event is a potluck, so please bring you favorite dish to share.  Tomm and Ian will have a spread of appetizers and pupus in addition to whatever you bring.

Tomm & Danise’s
7643 Truxton Ave.
LA (Westchester), CA 90045