Club Meeting Thursday Oct 18th

Join us for the monthly third Thursday club meeting at the Culver City Home Brewing Supply Company.  The festivities officially start at 7:30 PM.

Strong ales of any type are the style of the month, and we will be holding a Club-Only taste-off for Old Ale, BJCP style # 19C.  Bring three 12 oz bottle if you want to enter.  Kegs are still needed to keep the evening well lubricated.

Topping the agenda for the evening are nominations for the 2013 elected officers.  As of this writing, nominations include David Mauceli for President and Noelle Cross for Vice President.  We are actively looking for a nominee for Treasurer.   Additional nominees for all three positions are still open.  If you are interested in joining the board as either an elected or appointed officer in 2013, please contact any of the current officers.  We will be holding elections at the November meeting and will be finalizing the appointed offices in January.  Also this month, we will be holding nominations for Club Member of the Year.  This selection recognizes / honors significant contributions and involvement by club members.   The winner will be announced at the Holiday party.   All currently paid members eligible for nomination, except last year’s winner and perennial party host, Neil Saund.

Also available at the meeting will be the sign-up sheet for Big Brew/Jockey Box/Chili-cookoff day at Carl Townsend’s place this Saturday, Oct 20th.  Tubing is still available for jockey box builders, as is space for brewers and room for more chilis. The Wave of Beer will be making an appearance, so bring your kegs.

And don’t forget the usual festivities of the commercial tasting, raffle, and the jovial camaraderie of Pacific Gravity club members.

Hope to see you there
Carl Townsend
Competition Coordinator