January Meeting Recap and Upcoming Events

IMG_0056I hope you all had a great time on Thursday.  I had a blast hanging out with everyone and sharing beers.  It was also great to see a number of new members and prospective members meet up with us.  Also another thank you is due to Porter and everyone at Smog City for hosting us for our meeting.  I cant think of a better place to get together.

As a practice we are going to get in the habit of posting recaps of meeting information for club members who were unable to attend or maybe couldn’t hear us at the meeting.  Or maybe you killed off enough brain cells that night that you need a refresher.  Either way here is our monthly meeting recap:


  • February 2014 Meeting – Next month’s meeting is going to be on 2/22/2014 at Ian Fraser’s house in Venice.  This month’s meeting will be on a Saturday.  Kingsley is going to post an update in the next week with the time of the meeting and an address.
  • February 2014 First Friday – February’s First Friday (2/7/2014) is going to be @ City Tavern in Culver City @ 7pm.  Thank you to Ryan and the City Tavern crew for hooking us up for the night!
  • 2014 National Homebrewer’s Competition – The rules have changed this year so make sure you read up about how to get your beer entered into the comp.  Here is a good link to review for important dates (CLICK).  Carl will get more information out in an upcoming competition post.
  • 2014 Southern California Homebrewer’s Fest – There was a new law posted last October that has put the festival in jeopardy.  The AHA and CHA are working to fix this interpretation so that the fest will be allowed to secure a permit for the fest.  Stay tuned to this site for future updates which will go into greater detail and provide you with a template letter to send to your local representatives to try to fix this problem.
  • Culver City Homebrew Supply – The store is back open and is stocked with the supplies you need to get your next batch fermenting!  You can park in any of the spots in front of the store – “LA Pizza” does not exist.  You can also park on “Little Culver” just next to the Avis.  It is a frontage type road that has ample parking and is free.  Your membership in Pacific Gravity gives you a 5% discount at the store so make sure your membership is paid up and get that discount.
  • Pacific Brewers Cup 2014 – We are hosting this year’s competition and are looking for volunteers to help us organize the event.  If you are willing to volunteer your time email Carl @ [email protected].
  • Club Membership dues are coming up in March.
  • Lastly our first monster brew of the year is now officially scheduled for 3/08/2014 @ Smog City.  We will post more details as we get closer to the event.

All of the events with dates listed above have been added to the websites calendar.  Thanks again to everyone who made the trek down to Smog City on Thursday and I look forward to seeing you all at future events.