Competition Corner – May 2014

May is almost here and it is time to get the last competition entries ready for the spring rush.  Registration for the California State Fair is now open and closes on May 1st.  Entry information and registration is available at   Your physical entries are due at the Culver City Home Brewing Supply Co no later than Noon, Thursday, May 8th.  Thanks to Ryan Penrod from Strand Brewers, your entries will get personal attention. 

Looking ahead, now it the time to brew for the 2014 Pacific Brewers Cup.  The entry deadline is August 22nd, with judging on September 6th at Smog City Brewing.  We are looking for everyone to put their best foot forward and get those fermenters going before the weather gets too hot.

If you are hard-core competition junkie, there are a bazillion other contests to enter.  The AHA has their master list at

2014 Pacific Gravity Brewer of the Year Competition Schedule

May 1st                 California State Fair (on-line entry)
May 7th                 Bottle drop-off for  California State Fair

July                        Los Angeles County Fair
August 22            Entry Deadline for Pacific Brewers Cup
September 6      Judging Pacific Brewers Cup
October               California State Homebrew Competition