Summer Party Beer Sign-up

Neil+kegs2Hey, we are just six days away from the Summer Party and there are about 20 of you out there who still haven’t told me what beer(s) you are bringing!  I’ll make up the traditional festive toe tags, but only if I know in advance what you have.  Email me ASAP at [email protected].   Remember, the early beers get the best tap slots, and the best beer wins a prize!

Our special drink competition this year features lemon, any drink alcohol, non-alcoholic, beer, or soda that features lemon is eligible for our drink competition. Of course, all sodas and beers are welcome and we encourage you to drop off your keg at CCHBS by 5pm on Friday so they can be taken to the party.

Also, we still need CO2 and jockey boxes too.  We’ll have more kegs than will fit on our 22-tap setup, so please bring it so we can keep all these delicious beverages nice and cold and carbonated!   Of course, be sure to have your name on any equipment that you bring to the party sot it can be returned to its rightful owner.